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made relation_members.member_type translatable via model translations
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2009-06-09 Tom HughesRename views to rails 2 style names.
2009-05-31 Tom HughesMerged I18N branch to head.
2009-05-31 Andy Allani18n geocoder results
2007-08-24 Tom HughesMore search improvements - a "Where am I?" link that...
2007-08-24 Tom HughesIf a search only finds one result then jump straight...
2007-08-07 Tom HughesOnly use the actual name that matched as the link,...
2007-08-07 Tom HughesAdd an explicit message when no results are found for...
2007-08-07 Tom HughesRemove old geocoder views and add new one.
2007-06-12 Tom HughesAdd the search boxes to the edit page.
2007-05-01 Nick Blackadded a marker to show a location on the map
2007-05-01 Nick Blackgeocoder stuff - views