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Extra check that nodes/segments in ways are visible
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2007-06-08 Richard FairhurstExtra check that nodes/segments in ways are visible
2007-05-28 Richard Fairhurstno longer deletes nodes used in other segments ('H...
2007-05-21 Richard Fairhurstupdate timestamp/uid in current_ways
2007-05-20 Richard Fairhurstwhichways now only returns visible ways
2007-05-20 Steve Coastvarious ruby bits
2007-05-19 Nick WhiteleggUpdated potlatch preset tags for bridleway and byway
2007-05-18 Richard Fairhurstworkaround for paths in Potlatch getpresets, plus diary...
2007-05-18 Richard FairhurstPotlatch-on-Rails, ready to go (fingers crossed)
2007-05-09 Steve Coastvarious fixes
2007-05-08 Richard Fairhurstnickw's auth stuff, plus some optimisations. If f-...
2007-05-08 Richard FairhurstPotlatch on Rails, first working version
2007-05-05 Richard FairhurstPotlatch whichways and getway. These aren't really...
2007-05-05 Richard FairhurstPotlatch Rails AMF stuff