api06: Move version-checking into the models, raising an exception on mismatch
[rails.git] / app / controllers / relation_controller.rb
2008-05-12 Gabriel Ebnerapi06: Move version-checking into the models, raising...
2008-05-11 Christopher Schmidtprevent update of any object without providing the...
2008-05-11 Christopher SchmidtMake edits return version numbers as plain text strings
2008-05-04 Gabriel Ebnerapi06: Fix diff uploading (still doesn't give a useful...
2008-05-04 Gabriel Ebnerapi06: Preliminary support for diff uploading. This...
2008-05-04 Tom HughesMerge 7649:7673 from trunk.
2008-05-04 Gabriel Ebnerapi06: Merge changesets code from Frederik.
2008-05-04 Gabriel Ebnersplit_node_tags: Merge changes in main branch up to...
2008-05-03 Gabriel Ebnersplit_node_tags:
2008-01-21 Steve Coastadd last-modified header to relation read
2007-11-24 Tom HughesWhen asked for ways which use a node, or relations...
2007-10-31 Tom HughesAllow objects to be resurrected.
2007-10-17 Tom HughesRender an empty text string instead of nothing (which...
2007-10-08 Tom HughesPass a list of visible nodes when generating XML for...
2007-10-07 Gabriel EbnerMerge rails_port_0.5
2007-10-04 Gabriel Ebnerrails_port_0.5: Merge rails_port.
2007-09-30 Gabriel Ebnerrails_port_0.5: Merge rails_port.
2007-09-29 Gabriel Ebnerrails_port_0.5: Merge rails_port.
2007-09-28 Frederik Rammfix for preconditions
2007-09-27 Gabriel Ebnerrails_port_0.5: Merge rails_port.
2007-09-26 Gabriel Ebnerrails_port_0.5: Merge rails_port.
2007-09-25 Gabriel Ebnerrails_port_0.5: Merge rails_port.
2007-09-23 Gabriel Ebnerrails_port_0.5: Merge rails_port r4664.
2007-09-22 Gabriel Ebnerrails_port_0.5: Merge rails_port r4643
2007-09-20 Gabriel EbnerMerge rails_port as of r4613 & fix tests.
2007-09-13 Frederik Rammfixed "full" and "relationships_for_object" modes
2007-08-29 Frederik Rammsome changes suggested by SteveC / yet untested
2007-08-29 Frederik Rammpreliminary commit 0.5 API with relations / untested...