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Fix replying to diary comments, and tidy a few things up.
[rails.git] / app / controllers / message_controller.rb
2008-05-05 Tom HughesFix replying to diary comments, and tidy a few things up.
2008-05-05 Tom HughesQuote reply messages properly.
2008-05-05 Tom HughesReinstate stripping of Re: prefixes that Steve dropped...
2008-05-03 Steve Coastnicer reply messages, bug 529
2008-05-03 Steve Coastability to delete messages
2008-01-15 Tom HughesMake the message reply link prefill the title with...
2007-11-21 Mikel Maronmessage outbox
2007-09-20 Gabriel EbnerMerge rails_port as of r4613 & fix tests.
2007-09-05 Dan KarranSend an email notification out when a new message is...
2007-09-04 Tom HughesAdd extra validation to messages and diary entries.
2007-08-22 Tom HughesFix thinko.
2007-08-22 Tom HughesOnly allow users to read their own messages.
2007-08-17 Dan KarranShowing all messages in inbox, but sorting by date...
2007-07-20 Tom HughesDon't fill in from_display_name for messages - it can...
2007-06-27 Tom HughesSplit the rest action into sparate read, update and...
2007-06-20 Dan KarranSeperating message receiving off into 'inbox' function.
2007-06-16 Dan KarranAdding titles to some more pages, adding a redirect...
2007-05-07 Nick Blackfixed user messaging stuff
2007-05-05 Nick Blackmessaging stuff and home location selection
2007-05-05 Nick Blackmessaging stuff
2007-05-04 Nick Blackadded user stuff inc beginning of messages