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fixed tiny issue in german translation
[rails.git] / lib / consistency_validations.rb
2009-05-13 Matt AmosAdded a consistency check that both ids are valid and...
2009-04-20 Tom HughesMerge api06 branch to trunk.
2009-04-16 Tom HughesMerge 14394:14533 from trunk.
2009-04-08 Tom HughesMerge 14059:14394 from trunk.
2009-03-12 Tom HughesMerged 14009:14059 from trunk.
2009-03-08 Tom HughesMerge 12304:14009 from trunk.
2008-12-12 Shaun McDonaldresync from rails_port 11795:12304
2008-11-26 Matt AmosMoved changeset consistency checks to library code.
2008-11-21 Matt AmosFixed bug in changeset idle timeout. Fixed another...
2008-11-08 Matt AmosError message for version mismatch is now more informative.
2008-11-08 Shaun McDonaldResyncing from head 10895:11795
2008-10-13 Shaun McDonaldCreating consistency check for creation of nodes, way...
2008-10-13 Shaun McDonaldmoving the check consistency to it's own file so that...