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Improve reporting of errors in GPX uploads, and allow private traces
[rails.git] / app / models / trace.rb
2007-06-12 Tom HughesImprove reporting of errors in GPX uploads, and allow...
2007-06-10 Tom HughesOnly validate the presence of a description on create...
2007-06-09 Tom HughesRefactor GPX import code to make reimporting old traces...
2007-06-07 Steve Coastfix based from TomH-Home
2007-06-06 Richard FairhurstLatest Potlatch, plus TomH's GPX fix
2007-05-29 Steve Coastvarious things from TomH
2007-05-10 Steve Coastvarious gpx bits
2007-04-07 Steve Coastgpx api fixes
2007-04-07 Steve CoastGPX api done
2007-04-07 Steve Coastgpx import now fully works
2007-03-29 Dan MooreAPI 0.4: User rename, view trace links, tag filter...
2007-03-23 Dan MooreAPI 0.4 Updates - work on traces pages + pagination...
2006-12-06 Steve Coastvarious gpx rails things
2006-12-06 Steve Coastadd tags to gpx files
2006-12-01 Steve Coastvarious gpx bits
2006-11-30 Steve Coasttrace stuff in rails port
2006-11-27 Steve CoastGPX trace rails stuff
2006-07-28 Steve Coastmore basic framework