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Make tab tooltips translatable.
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2009-06-05 Tom HughesAdd an extra message to detect Postgres deadlocks.
2009-06-05 Tom HughesUpdate deadlock_retry plugin with latest upstream code.
2009-06-04 Tom HughesMove to version 2.3.2 of rails.
2009-05-31 Tom HughesMerged I18N branch to head.
2009-05-31 Tom HughesMake setting of user_preferred_languages work.
2009-05-31 Tom HughesSort out storage and use of user preferred languages.
2009-05-27 Shaun McDonaldAdd Globalize2 so that we get some nice fall backs...
2009-05-22 Shaun McDonaldFirst stage of i18n. Some migrations and extra plugins.
2009-04-28 Tom HughesCope with sessions which don't exist.
2009-04-28 Tom HughesFix session plugin work with the new ruby pg driver...
2009-04-20 Tom HughesMerge vendor tree from api06 branch.
2009-04-20 Tom HughesMerge api06 branch to trunk.
2009-04-16 Tom HughesMerge 14394:14533 from trunk.
2009-04-08 Tom HughesMerge 14059:14394 from trunk.
2009-03-12 Tom HughesMerged 14009:14059 from trunk.
2009-03-08 Tom HughesMerge 12304:14009 from trunk.
2008-12-12 Shaun McDonaldresync from rails_port 11795:12304
2008-11-27 Shaun McDonaldAdding pagination to the changesets, thus allowing...
2008-11-08 Shaun McDonaldResyncing from head 10895:11795
2008-10-28 Shaun McDonaldUpdating to use Rails 2.1.2. Moving the gem dependancie...
2008-10-09 Shaun McDonaldBackporting the change that I made to the api06 branch...
2008-10-07 Shaun McDonaldAdding the classic_pagination to svn as the svn externa...
2008-09-25 Shaun McDonaldDoing a resync from mainline 8633:10895. There was...
2008-08-07 Tom HughesImport the output_compression plugin as the SVN externa...