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2012-03-19 Tom HughesHandle reason as a rich text area when editing a block
2012-03-18 Tom HughesAdd "text" to the valid formats
2012-03-18 Tom HughesUpdate Potlatch 2 to 2.3-233-g066c642 release
2012-03-18 Tristen BrownTidy up the trace paging view
2012-03-18 Tristen BrownMake the disabled state of the primary menu items more...
2012-03-17 Tom HughesUpdate schema
2012-03-17 Tom HughesUpdate to rails-i18n 0.5.2 and remove monkey patch
2012-03-17 Tom HughesDon't display Markdown help when editing an old diary...
2012-03-17 Tom HughesSet the user description to markdown formatting when...
2012-03-17 Tom HughesAdd some tests for the RichText module
2012-03-17 Tom HughesAdd rel="nofollow" to links generated from Markdown
2012-03-17 Tom HughesDrop the contents of <script> and <style> tags when...
2012-03-17 Tom HughesTreat messages received by email as plain text
2012-03-17 Tom HughesAdd a simple "text" format to the RichText module
2012-03-17 Tom HughesLink to the Markdown spec
2012-03-17 Tom HughesUpdate schema
2012-03-17 Tom HughesAdd an HTML version of the diary comment notification...
2012-03-17 Tom HughesMake spam scoring work with new rich text system
2012-03-17 Tom HughesOnly reload the preview if the content has changed
2012-03-17 Tom HughesShow an animation while a preview is loading
2012-03-17 Tom HughesAdd preview functionality to rich text controls
2012-03-17 Tom HughesGrow text areas automatically in response to input
2012-03-17 Tom HughesTreat all newly entered blocks of text as Markdown
2012-03-16 Tom HughesOnly mark a message as read after we have validated...
2012-03-16 Tom HughesMark a message as read when we receive an email reply...
2012-03-16 Tom HughesUpdate Potlatch 2 to 2.3-230-gc79b527 build
2012-03-16 Tom HughesRemoved Osmrender export test
2012-03-15 Siebrand MazelandLocalisation updates from http://translatewiki.net...
2012-03-15 Tom HughesIt's zoomToExtent, not setExtent
2012-03-15 Tom HughesDisable the export button until a format is selected
2012-03-15 Tom HughesRemoved code for handling Osmrender export requests
2012-03-14 Tom HughesRefactor calculation of zoom level based on a scale
2012-03-14 Tom MacWrightChange abstraction level for map functions
2012-03-14 Tom HughesAdd missing </div> tag
2012-03-14 Tom HughesAdd _html suffixes to some resource strings which have...
2012-03-14 Tom HughesAdjust width of donate box so it centres properly
2012-03-14 Tom MacWrightFront page copy revision
2012-03-14 Tom HughesUpdate Potlatch 2 to 2.3-226-g5642465 build
2012-03-14 Tom HughesAdd missing translation for new community submenu
2012-03-14 Tom HughesFix broken interpolations in translations
2012-03-14 Tom HughesSpecify the username when redirecting to the OAuth...
2012-03-14 Tom HughesAllow POST requests to the home page so OpenSearch...
2012-03-14 Tom HughesAdjust left and right padding on the introductory text
2012-03-14 Tom MacWrightMove the diary link to the sidebar
2012-03-14 Sarah HoffmannUpdate prefixes for nominatim search
2012-03-13 Tom HughesGenerate correct links to language specific diary lists
2012-03-13 Tom MacWrightRemove dead code
2012-03-13 Tom HughesDon't escape HTML in the "user suspended" message
2012-03-12 Tom HughesRemove OsmaRender layer class
2012-03-12 Tom HughesRemove osmarender layer from embed page
2012-03-12 Tom HughesAdd the transport and MaqQuest layers to the embed...
2012-03-12 Tom HughesUpdate Potlatch 2 to 2.3-224-g2df4b28 build
2012-03-12 Matt AmosAdded reference and link to Top Ten Tasks in the README
2012-03-11 Siebrand MazelandLocalisation updates from http://translatewiki.net.
2012-03-11 Tom HughesFixed incorrect link generation in sent message list
2012-03-11 Tom HughesFix incorrect link generation that relied on default...
2012-03-10 Tom HughesAvoid mass assignment error in spam observer
2012-03-10 Tom HughesRemoved expiry code for bogus trace URLs that no longer...
2012-03-10 Tom HughesSpecify the username when generating a URL for a trace
2012-03-10 Tom HughesFix layout selection to detect OAuth correctly
2012-03-10 Tom HughesLoad the piwik tracking code asynchronously
2012-03-09 Tom HughesDon't escape the heading as it contains a link
2012-03-09 Tom HughesFix mass assignment errors with user blocks
2012-03-09 Tom HughesFix various routing and route generation errors
2012-03-09 Tom HughesRemove method tests that are now enforced by the routes
2012-03-09 Tom HughesUpdate schema
2012-03-09 Tom HughesFix some incorrect tests that relied on the default...
2012-03-09 Tom HughesRemove some unecessary routes and add lots of method...
2012-03-09 Tom HughesAdd routing tests for all supported routes
2012-03-09 Tom HughesSave the user record after changing it
2012-03-08 Tom HughesFix typo
2012-03-08 Tom HughesUpdate Potlatch 2 to 2.3-212-g774c6a9 build
2012-03-08 Tom HughesUse normal assignment instead of mass assignment
2012-03-07 Tom HughesUpdate Potlatch 2 to 2.3-210-g4e72cd6 build
2012-03-07 Tom HughesAdd some more unit tests for traces
2012-03-07 Tom HughesAdd some more unit tests for users
2012-03-07 Tom HughesUpdate schema
2012-03-07 Tom HughesAdd some extra unit tests for diary entries
2012-03-06 Tom HughesFix migration to work with mass assignment protection
2012-03-06 Tom HughesUpdate Potlatch 2 to 2.3-209-g749f2c8 build
2012-03-06 Tom HughesUpdate Potlatch 2 to 2.3-208-g7b7f802 build
2012-03-06 Tom HughesUse cache store for sessions when memcached is not...
2012-03-06 Tom HughesAdd a temporary hack to suppress some broken rails...
2012-03-06 Tom HughesTurn on mass assignment protection
2012-03-05 Tom HughesUpdate Potlatch 2 to 2.3-207-g44e9559 build
2012-03-04 Tom HughesCorrect name of simplified Chinese locale
2012-03-04 Tom HughesUpdate Potlatch 2 to 2.3-190-g0bb4cb3 build
2012-03-04 Tom HughesRemove translation reload that is no longer needed
2012-03-04 Tom HughesRemove dummy locales as they are no longer needed
2012-03-04 Tom HughesFix interpolation variable errors
2012-03-04 Tom HughesAdd a test to check the validity of the translations
2012-03-04 Tom HughesUpdate Potlatch 2 to 2.3-153-gf0c9bef build
2012-03-04 Tom MacWrightFix some issues with the new tab styling
2012-03-04 Tom MacWrightSet overflow to auto to gracefully hide tabs before...
2012-03-04 Tom HughesRemove unused image
2012-03-04 Tom MacWrightRestyle the tabs as simple blocks
2012-03-04 Tom HughesUse a consistent host name in cache keys
2012-03-03 Siebrand MazelandLocalisation updates from http://translatewiki.net.
2012-03-03 Tom HughesUpdate the username cookie when the display name is...
2012-03-03 Tom HughesDetect changes to the user image correctly