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2008-02-23 Tom HughesRemove image migration as it isn't needed.
2008-02-23 Tom HughesUse named constants for HTTP response codes.
2008-02-23 Tom HughesUse named constants for HTTP response codes.
2008-02-23 Steve Coastuser images
2008-02-23 Steve CoastUser prference system basically done
2008-02-23 Tom HughesMake maps deeper to allow the pan/zoom bar visible.
2008-02-23 Tom HughesMake the slippy map on the user page deper so that...
2008-02-23 Steve Coastpreference stuff
2008-02-23 Steve Coastmove migrations around
2008-02-19 Richard FairhurstReject 0/1-length ways.
2008-02-15 Richard Fairhurststop accidental cities :)
2008-02-15 Richard FairhurstPotlatch 0.7b: small bugfixes
2008-02-14 Tom HughesUse PanZoomBar instead of PanZoom.
2008-02-12 Richard FairhurstAdd cycle map
2008-02-11 Richard Fairhurstremove tile debug code
2008-02-11 Richard Fairhurst0.7a
2008-02-10 Richard Fairhurstadd school to presets
2008-02-07 Tom HughesUse FileUtils.mv instead of File.rename as it will...
2008-02-06 Richard Fairhurstunbreak undelete
2008-02-06 Richard Fairhurstsmall padlock fix, disable right-click menu
2008-02-05 Tom HughesUse a lower zoom level for partial postcode matches.
2008-02-04 Tom HughesSend email notifications when people comment on diary...
2008-02-03 Tom HughesDisable keyboard control of the map as it causes proble...
2008-02-03 Richard Fairhurstsome Yahoo improvements, still more to do...
2008-02-03 Tom HughesExplain why we don't include the nodes in the way load.
2008-02-03 Tom HughesDon't preload nodes as it seem to break ways with dupli...
2008-02-03 Richard Fairhurstfix for resizable Potlatch
2008-02-03 Tom HughesRemove pointless return statement.
2008-02-03 Tom HughesFix indentation.
2008-02-03 Tom HughesMove in_world? to GeoRecord model and correct comment.
2008-02-03 Tom HughesAdd missing sanitise_boundaries method that the API...
2008-02-03 Tom HughesOptimise the Potlatch whichways and getway calls a...
2008-02-01 Tom HughesThe OSM layers use the 900913 projection, not 41001.
2008-02-01 Richard FairhurstPotlatch 0.7
2008-01-28 Tom HughesMake ways_for_node work with the multipart primary...
2008-01-28 Tom HughesFix typo.
2008-01-25 Nick Blackfixed bug in add version rake task
2008-01-25 Xin Zhengpatched controller section of #648
2008-01-25 Steve CoastMost of a method to delete a way and all its nodes...
2008-01-25 Steve Coastdont eager load tags (false primary key fucks all sorts...
2008-01-25 Nick Blackfixed null value bug in rake task
2008-01-25 Xin Zhengminor changes
2008-01-24 Xin Zhengadded experimental xml template which is not yet used...
2008-01-24 Steve CoastLots of documentation updates, plus split out potlatch...
2008-01-24 Steve CoastSome node documentation
2008-01-24 Steve Coastbegin rdoc documentation
2008-01-24 Nick Blackcommented out migration which deletes the ways column...
2008-01-24 Nick Blackfixes syntax error
2008-01-24 Xin Zhengadded module
2008-01-24 Steve Coastmove potlatch presets to only be generated once, and...
2008-01-23 Tom Hughes- Add missing null constraints.
2008-01-23 Nick Blackadded task to add version numbers to nodes table
2008-01-23 Nick Blackcreated a temporary old nodes table to add version
2008-01-23 Nick Blackremoved unneeded migrations 015 and 014
2008-01-23 Nick Blackmigration 013 removes tags from nodes and old nodes...
2008-01-23 Nick Blackadded migration to add a primary key on nodes id and...
2008-01-23 Xin Zhengadded application.yml, refactored map method
2008-01-23 Tom HughesRename initialiser to fix typo.
2008-01-23 Tom HughesAllow a GPX to be fetched in XML format by fetching...
2008-01-23 Nick Blackupdated rake task to grab 1000 records at a time
2008-01-23 Nick Blackrake task to populate node_tags and current_node_tags...
2008-01-23 Nick Blackadds two migrations to create old_node_tags and node_ta...
2008-01-23 Tom HughesYou need at least version 0.9.1 of the composite keys...
2008-01-23 Tom HughesMake things work with multipart keys.
2008-01-23 Richard Fairhurstfew bits of tidying
2008-01-23 Tom HughesSend UK postcode searches to the namefinder as well...
2008-01-22 Xin Zhengadded some tests
2008-01-22 Tom HughesRevert to rails 2.0.1 again
2008-01-22 Tom HughesPut the daemons generator plugin back.
2008-01-22 Xin Zhengun-commented sqlsessionstore
2008-01-22 Xin Zhengadded rspec on rails as external
2008-01-22 Tom HughesRename requires.rb to composite_primary_keys.rb so...
2008-01-22 Xin Zhengremoved require ruby-debug line
2008-01-22 Xin Zhengadded rspec folder/files
2008-01-22 Xin Zhengchanging back to rails 2.0.1
2008-01-22 Xin Zhengextracted require statement from environment.rb to...
2008-01-22 Steve Coastreplace whichways with rails-friendly code
2008-01-22 Xin Zhengadded RSpec and RSpec on Rails
2008-01-22 Steve Coastmake amf_controller use rails objects, and stuff, in...
2008-01-22 Steve Coastonly show map to actual user
2008-01-22 Steve Coastretab amf controller, it was getting annoying
2008-01-22 Richard Fairhurstdocument amf_controller types for SteveC
2008-01-21 Xin Zhengadded mac os x instructions for db function creation
2008-01-21 Steve Coastadd last-modified header to relation read
2008-01-21 Steve Coastemit last-modified headers on nodes and ways
2008-01-21 Steve CoastShow nearby users map in account view page
2008-01-21 Richard Fairhurstcomments
2008-01-21 Richard Fairhurstslight bugfixes and improved WinIE behaviour (?)
2008-01-18 Tom HughesShow comment counts in diary entry lists.
2008-01-18 Tom HughesGet pagination links right.
2008-01-18 Tom HughesAdd pagination to diary entry lists.
2008-01-18 Richard Fairhurstmaybe this will work
2008-01-18 Richard FairhurstSTUPID EVIL IE AAAAAARGH
2008-01-18 Richard Fairhurstalways redraw window if redopropertywindow is set
2008-01-18 Tom HughesInclude a comment link in the diary RSS feed.
2008-01-18 Tom HughesFix diary RSS feed.
2008-01-17 Tom HughesAdd support for commenting on, and replying to, diary...
2008-01-17 Richard Fairhurst0.6c: bunch of minor improvements and bugfixes
2008-01-16 Tom HughesSet MIME type correctly for diary RSS feeds.
2008-01-16 Tom HughesTidy up message sensitisation a bit more, and add sensi...