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2 days ago Bryan HouselDon't update urlhash while in intro master live
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6 days ago Tom HughesUpdate to rails 4.2.5
6 days ago Tom HughesFix rubocop warnings
6 days ago Tom HughesUpdate image_optim and disable cleanupIDs plugin
2015-11-08 Bryan HouselUpdate to iD v1.8.0
2015-11-05 Tom HughesPass title to opengraph routine
2015-11-01 Andrew HainUpdate key and data browser for new road colours
2015-10-30 Tom HughesDon't send note comment notifications to deleted users
2015-10-30 Tom HughesDon't send changeset comment notifications to deleted...
2015-10-27 Tom HughesAdd og:description to OpenGraph tags
2015-10-27 Tom HughesAdd og:url to OpenGraph tags
2015-10-27 Tom HughesUse PNG logo for og:image
2015-10-26 Tom HughesAdd more detail to OpenGraph tags
2015-10-26 Tom HughesMerge remote-tracking branch 'openstreetmap/pull/1078'
2015-10-26 Tom HughesUpdate leaflet to 0.7.7
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