Update carto stylesheet to v4.14.0
[chef.git] / roles / imagery.rb
2016-08-25 Grant Slaterimagery: fix role typo
2016-08-25 Grant Slaterimagery: add coct aerial
2016-07-10 Grant Slaterimagery: enable gb_ea
2016-06-05 Grant Slaterenable imagery::za_ngi_topo role
2016-06-01 Grant Slaterimagery: sysctl to enable TFO on socket listen
2016-06-01 Grant Slaterimagery: increase nginx cache size
2016-05-29 Grant SlaterAdd nginx caching support + enable for imagery
2016-01-31 Grant SlaterImagery - Enable nginx repo
2016-01-31 Grant SlaterImagery - apply roles
2016-01-01 Grant SlaterAdd base imagery recipe