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2022-08-02 Grant SlaterMerge remote-tracking branch 'tigerfell/pr257'
2022-08-02 Grant Slatermediawiki: Enable CategoryTree on all wikis
2022-08-02 TigerfellAdd CategoryTree extension to wiki.osm.org
2022-08-02 Tigerfellremove account confirmation for private wikis
2022-08-02 Grant Slaterdev: update active admins
2022-08-02 Grant Slaterwiki: switch to using hcaptcha
2022-08-02 Grant Slateropenssh: update oob1.dub public keys
2022-08-02 Grant Slaterdhcpd: correct oob1.dub mac address
2022-08-02 Tom HughesMake matomo updates more robust
2022-08-01 Tom HughesMove matomo configuration into the main rails settings
2022-08-01 Grant Slaterwireguard: use keepalive by default to survive NAT
2022-07-31 Tom HughesLog requests using basic authentication
2022-07-31 Tom HughesAlways keep the most recent backup
2022-07-29 Tom HughesDrop cleanup code
2022-07-29 Tom HughesRedirect piwik to matomo
2022-07-29 Tom HughesDirect web site analytics to matomo.openstreetmap.org
2022-07-29 Tom HughesRename piwik to matomo
2022-07-29 Grant Slatercommunity: upgrade discourse to v2.8.7
2022-07-29 Tom HughesInstall the DeviceFeatureWebGL plugin for piwik
2022-07-28 Tom HughesEnable log_bin_trust_function_creators for civicrm
2022-07-28 Tom HughesFix typo
2022-07-28 Guillaume RISCHARDdowngrade cividiscount version, tag does not exist
2022-07-28 Tom HughesDecrease threshold for SSD wearout alerting
2022-07-28 Guillaume RISCHARDcivicrm version bump
2022-07-28 Guillaume RISCHARDmerge
2022-07-28 Grant Slaternetworking: add endpoint for my roaming device
2022-07-28 Grant Slaternetworking: grant roaming wg correct key
2022-07-28 Grant Slaternetworking: Add grant roaming wg
2022-07-28 Grant Slatergit: Add redirects for retired repos
2022-07-28 Tom HughesReduce sensitivity of fastly healthcheck alerts
2022-07-27 Grant Slaternecrosan: tweak raid queue settings
2022-07-26 Grant Slaterdev: add nano and osm2pgsql packages
2022-07-25 Tom HughesRemove tile role from albi, necrosan and scorch
2022-07-25 Tom HughesUpdate karma to v0.105
2022-07-25 Tom HughesAdd an alert for prometheus configuration errors
2022-07-25 Tom HughesFix syntax error in alert rules
2022-07-25 Tom HughesAdd alerts for degraded raid arrays and failed raid...
2022-07-25 Tom HughesMerge remote-tracking branch 'github/pull/517'
2022-07-25 Paul NormanUpdate to tilelog v1.4.0 and generate parquet files
2022-07-25 Grant Slatergit: Redirect retired cgimap repo to replacement
2022-07-24 Tom HughesImprove detection of unassigned drives on HP controllers
2022-07-24 Tom HughesImprove disk state parsing for megaraid controllers
2022-07-24 Tom HughesImprove parsing of MD array status
2022-07-24 Tom HughesAllow prometheus collectors write access to /var/log
2022-07-24 Tom HughesAllow prometheus collectors write access to /var/lock
2022-07-24 Tom HughesRecognise some extra disk statuses on HP controllers
2022-07-24 Grant Slatersubversion: another tweak to redirects
2022-07-24 Tom HughesHandle HP arrays in interim recovery mode
2022-07-24 Tom HughesIgnore invalid lines in ssacli output
2022-07-24 Tom HughesFix PCI address identification for megaraid controllers
2022-07-24 Tom HughesRun the ohai collector every 15 minutes
2022-07-24 Tom HughesIncrease scrape interval for fastly healthchecks
2022-07-24 Tom HughesExtend OHAI hardware plugin to gather disk and RAID...
2022-07-24 Tom HughesDrop support for older megaraid cards as we don't have any
2022-07-24 Tom HughesAdd an alert for failing healthchecks on the CDN
2022-07-24 Tom HughesAdd monitoring of Fastly healthcheck status
2022-07-23 Tom HughesRe-enable mail jobs on Ubuntu 22.04 machines
2022-07-22 Tom HughesUse grisu for DNS service on shenron
2022-07-22 Grant Slaterbackups: add blogs to old backup cleanup
2022-07-22 Grant Slaterblogs: fix typo in template name
2022-07-22 Grant Slaterblogs: Add daily backup
2022-07-22 Grant SlaterMove blogs to lockheed
2022-07-22 Grant SlaterMove subversion, trac and irc to lockheed
2022-07-22 Tom HughesRemove elasticsearch6.x repository
2022-07-22 Tom HughesUpdate filebeat to 8.x
2022-07-22 Tom HughesInstall libvips42 for image analysis
2022-07-22 Tom HughesDon't process mail jobs on Ubuntu 22.04 machines
2022-07-21 Tom HughesReduce sensitivity of some alerts
2022-07-21 Tom HughesReduce sensitivity of alert for wireguard interface...
2022-07-21 Sarah Hoffmannnominatim: move definitely to new v4 scripts
2022-07-21 Tom HughesAdd sensor values to cisco alerts
2022-07-21 Tom HughesAdd alert rules for juniper switches
2022-07-21 Tom HughesAdd alert rules for cisco switches
2022-07-21 Grant Slaterserverinfo: Update git repo url
2022-07-21 Tom HughesAdd juniper_ex4300 to the monitored modules on the...
2022-07-21 Sarah Hoffmannnominatim: put stormfly-04 back into production
2022-07-21 Tom HughesMerge remote-tracking branch 'github/pull/516'
2022-07-21 dependabot... build(deps): bump kitchen-dokken from 2.17.2 to 2.17.3
2022-07-20 Tom HughesFix syntax error in alert rule
2022-07-20 Tom HughesAdd cisco_550x to the monitored modules on the cisco...
2022-07-20 Tom HughesAllow multiple modules to be monitored for a single...
2022-07-19 Grant Slaterhardware: Fix ilo xml compatibility with ilo2
2022-07-19 Grant Slaterhardware: disable management of power cap
2022-07-19 Grant Slaterhardware: Set OSM ilo defaults
2022-07-19 Grant Slatergitweb: Add notice about github.
2022-07-18 Tom HughesAdd an alert for unusually low apache request rates
2022-07-18 Tom HughesAdd a prometheus alert for hosts shown as down by Statu...
2022-07-18 Tom HughesAdd exporter for StatusCake
2022-07-18 Tom HughesAllow some extra apache processes to account for gracef...
2022-07-18 Sarah Hoffmannnominatim: prepare stormfly for reimport
2022-07-18 Tom HughesTune connection tracking on tile servers
2022-07-18 Tom HughesConvert planet HEADER scripts to python 3
2022-07-17 Tom HughesUse rails instead of rake to start queue runners
2022-07-17 Sarah Hoffmannput longma back into production
2022-07-16 Grant Slatersvn: Add specific redirects for old content
2022-07-16 Tom HughesWe no longer expect subversion to be installed
2022-07-16 Tom HughesEnsure snmpd.conf is created before starting snmpd
2022-07-16 Tom HughesFix log rollover for frontends
2022-07-16 Tom HughesAllow the trace importer to run on all frontends
2022-07-16 Tom HughesMerge remote-tracking branch 'github/pull/513'