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2017-01-02 Tom HughesSend forum emails with a noreply sender address
2017-01-01 Tom HughesRedirect all names to canonical site
2016-12-30 Grant Slatertilecache: nginx strip query parameters
2016-12-30 Grant Slatertilecache: Add first pass nginx QoS
2016-12-30 Grant SlaterAllow nginx to autotune workers
2016-12-30 Tom HughesAlways rebuild Makefile for quad_tile extension before...
2016-12-27 Grant SlaterAdd lldpd support
2016-12-23 Tom HughesUpdate carto stylesheet to v3.0.1
2016-12-22 Tom HughesUpdate carto stylesheet to v3.0.0
2016-12-21 Tom HughesEnable wikimedia authentication
2016-12-21 Tom HughesUpdate OWG website URL
2016-12-20 Tom HughesUpdate piwik to 3.0.0
2016-12-18 Tom HughesAdd additional signatures to clamav
2016-12-17 Grant Slatertilecache: do not pass cookie to backend
2016-12-17 Grant Slatertilecache: enable TFO
2016-12-17 Tom HughesSet base URL for operations site
2016-12-17 Tom HughesRun jekyll via bundler
2016-12-17 Tom HughesInstall bundle for OWG site
2016-12-17 Tom HughesMark Go-http-client as a tile scraper
2016-12-17 Tom HughesEnable brightbox-ruby-ng on ridley
2016-12-17 Tom HughesAdd operations.osmfoundation.org site to ridley
2016-12-15 Tom HughesIncrease CPU altering thresholds for tile caches
2016-12-14 Tom HughesConfigure IPv6 for OSUOSL machines
2016-12-14 Tom HughesSet CPU alert thresholds for tile caches
2016-12-13 Tom HughesDrop fafnir role
2016-12-12 Tom HughesReplace full stops in interface names for compound...
2016-12-11 Tom HughesFix scorch location
2016-12-11 Tom HughesAdd DHCP entry for tiamat-22 OOB card
2016-12-11 Tom HughesAdd roles for tiamat nodes
2016-12-09 Tom HughesIncrease allowed time for chef runs
2016-12-09 Tom HughesUpdate chef client to 12.16.42
2016-12-09 Tom HughesIgnore OVH nonsense about ttyS2 being the console
2016-12-09 Tom HughesStart serial console on ttyS2 for OVH machines
2016-12-09 Tom HughesCorrect IPv6 config for scorch
2016-12-09 Tom HughesMake sure tile servers install the right postgis version
2016-12-09 Tom HughesAvoid errors during bootstrap
2016-12-09 Tom HughesAdd role for scorch
2016-12-08 Tom HughesSwitch UCL machines to use the UCL ntp servers
2016-12-08 Tom HughesRemove roles for ascalon and norbert
2016-12-08 Tom HughesDrop support for old UCL locations
2016-12-08 Tom HughesDrop idris role
2016-12-08 Tom HughesAllow new UCL addresses to access the log archive
2016-12-08 Tom HughesAllow new UCL addresses to access the backup server
2016-12-07 Tom HughesSpecify raw device explicitly for vlan interfaces
2016-12-07 Tom HughesUpdate interface names for draco and eustace
2016-12-07 Tom HughesUpdate interface names for noquiklos
2016-12-07 Tom HughesUpdate interface names for sarel
2016-12-07 Tom HughesUpdate interface names for pummelzacken
2016-12-07 Tom HughesUpdate interface names for errol and yevaud
2016-12-07 Tom HughesUpdate interface names on grindtooth and urmel
2016-12-07 Tom HughesCorrect interface names on clifford
2016-12-07 Tom HughesAdd VLAN numbers to internal interfaces of UCL machines
2016-12-07 Tom HughesUpdate internal interface names for UCL machines
2016-12-07 Tom HughesOverride bind forwarders for Slough
2016-12-07 Tom HughesAdd VLAN numbers to external interfaces of UCL machines
2016-12-07 Tom HughesAdd config for internal interface on yevaud
2016-12-07 Tom HughesUpdate UCL machines for move to Slough
2016-12-06 Grant Slatermediawiki: explicit babel sha1
2016-12-06 Grant Slatermediawiki: add explicit git reference support
2016-12-03 Tom HughesTune apache on tile servers
2016-12-03 Tom HughesUpdate carto stylesheet to v2.45.1
2016-12-01 Tom HughesRemove IP blocks from export script
2016-11-30 Tom HughesUpdate carto stylesheet to v2.45.0
2016-11-30 Tom HughesBlock scrapers on render servers instead of restricting...
2016-11-30 Tom HughesOnly allow access to export from known caches
2016-11-30 Tom HughesRemove block on scale 3600
2016-11-30 Tom HughesBlock hosts scraping the export call
2016-11-30 Tom HughesUpdate blocked scale
2016-11-30 Tom HughesBlock a scale used by a scraper
2016-11-30 Tom HughesCope with no referer
2016-11-29 Tom HughesAdd support for referer blocks in tile server export...
2016-11-29 Tom HughesBlock spammy emails
2016-11-29 Tom HughesLog upstream IP on tile servers
2016-11-24 Grant SlaterUpdate mediawiki Language Extension Bundle
2016-11-23 Tom HughesTweak frontend apache config a bit more
2016-11-22 Tom HughesFix tile server log rotation
2016-11-22 Tom HughesTune apache on web frontends
2016-11-22 Tom HughesSend root email from longma to local admins
2016-11-22 Jochen TopfUpdate libosmium and osmium-tool on taginfo server.
2016-11-21 Tom HughesFix git hook to avoid the shell misinterpreting ^revisi...
2016-11-19 Sarah Hoffmannnominatim: reduce number of logs kept
2016-11-15 Tom HughesUpdate piwik to 2.17.1
2016-11-15 Tom HughesUbuntu 12.04 doesn't understand --preallocate
2016-11-15 Tom HughesUpdate zsh configuration
2016-11-14 Tom HughesMove GPX import to spike-01
2016-11-14 Tom HughesBlock ticketmaster spam
2016-11-12 Tom HughesExclude /run/user/* from df and df_inode graphs
2016-11-12 Grant SlaterUse rsync preallocate files to avoid fragmentation
2016-11-11 Tom HughesUpdate bundle
2016-11-11 Grant SlaterImagery: Update CoCT 2013 revision
2016-11-11 Grant SlaterImagery: Update CoCT 2013 to full resolution file
2016-11-09 Tom HughesDiscard bounces to mailman-loop
2016-11-09 Tom HughesEnsure nginx is running
2016-11-08 Tom HughesBlock pkget.com
2016-11-04 Tom HughesMove GPX import to spike-04
2016-11-04 Tom HughesIncrease postgres connection limits
2016-10-31 Tom HughesFix rubocop warnings
2016-10-31 Tom HughesUpdate bundle
2016-10-31 Tom HughesUpdate hooks to run rubocop and foodcritic via bundler
2016-10-31 Tom HughesUpdate IPv6 gateway address for cmok