Add mta-sta alias for UK domains
[dns.git] / src / openstreetmap-za
2019-08-27 Grant SlaterSPF: Hard fail other zones with SPF
2018-12-19 Grant SlaterAdd NA topo DNS. PLEASE DO NOT ANNOUNCE YET
2018-04-16 Tom HughesAdd CAA records
2016-12-07 Tom HughesUpdate IP addresses for UCL machines
2016-12-06 Grant SlaterLower TTL for all UCL hosts
2016-09-14 Grant SlaterUpdate to use A instead of CNAME
2016-09-05 Grant Slateramend ttl
2016-09-05 Grant SlaterRevert "Update openstreetmap|osm] ttl"
2016-09-05 Grant SlaterUpdate openstreetmap|osm] ttl
2016-09-05 Grant SlaterFix topo.[openstreetmap|osm] aliases
2016-09-05 Grant SlaterAdd [openstreetmap|org]