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Update IP address for gorynych
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2016-07-10 Grant SlaterAdd ea.openstreetmap.org.uk
2016-05-31 Grant SlaterAdd os.openstreetmap.org.uk
2016-05-30 Grant SlaterAdd hampshire + surrey aerial
2013-11-04 Grant SlaterUpdate calendar.openstreetmap.[co|org].uk cname by...
2013-10-31 Tom HughesRemove the backup MX server
2013-08-05 Grant SlaterAdd taginfo.openstreetmap.org.uk IPv6 address
2013-08-05 Grant SlaterUpdate taginfo.openstreetmap.org.uk IP address
2013-05-14 Grant SlaterSet specific TTL for taginfo.openstreetmap-uk
2013-05-13 Grant SlaterDummy change on openstreetmap.[co|org].uk to check...
2013-05-10 Grant SlaterAdd openstreetmap.[co|org].uk in preparation for transfer