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Add konqi to DNS
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2015-01-23 Tom HughesAdd konqi to DNS
2015-01-20 Tom HughesAdd katie to DNS
2014-12-19 Tom HughesAdd UCL KVM to DNS
2014-12-14 Tom HughesRevert "Drop spike-03 from www"
2014-12-13 Tom HughesDrop spike-03 from www
2014-12-01 Tom HughesRevert "Switch taginfo to stormfly-01"
2014-12-01 Tom HughesRevert "Point nominatim at temporary server"
2014-11-28 Tom HughesPoint nominatim at temporary server
2014-11-25 Tom HughesAdd saphira to DNS
2014-11-25 Tom HughesSwitch taginfo to stormfly-01
2014-10-26 Tom HughesSwap db and db-slave
2014-10-08 Tom HughesSend nominatim traffic to pummelzacken
2014-10-06 Tom HughesRevert "Send nominatim traffic to pummelzacken"
2014-10-06 Tom HughesSend nominatim traffic to pummelzacken
2014-10-05 Tom HughesReduce TTL for nominatim
2014-09-11 Tom HughesFix IPv6 address for viserion
2014-09-11 Tom HughesAdd viserion to DNS
2014-08-29 Tom HughesAdd spike-03 back
2014-08-29 Tom HughesAdd spike-02 back and remove spike-03
2014-08-29 Tom HughesAdd spike-01 back and remove spike-02
2014-08-29 Tom HughesDrop spike-01 from DNS
2014-07-23 Grant SlaterFix os.openstreetmap.org aliases
2014-07-22 Grant SlaterPoint os.openstreetmap.org to draco (with hack workaround)
2014-07-21 Tom HughesReduce DNS TTL for jakelong
2014-07-18 Tom HughesReenable IPv6 for shenron with new address
2014-07-17 Tom HughesRemove IPv6 address for shenron for now
2014-07-17 Tom HughesSwitch shenron to new IP address
2014-07-17 Tom HughesReduce TTLs for shenron
2014-07-14 Grant SlaterFix stormfly a records
2014-07-13 Tom HughesAdd OSUOSL machines to DNS
2014-07-05 Tom HughesUpdate IP addresses for move to Wolfson House
2014-07-05 Tom HughesRevert "Reduce TTL on all names which point to UCL...
2014-07-04 Grant SlaterAdd db-slave name
2014-07-01 Tom HughesReduce TTL on all names which point to UCL IP addresses
2014-06-23 Tom HughesAdd ascalon's new external address
2014-06-23 Tom HughesDrop bunyip from DNS
2014-06-17 Tom HughesAdd spike-01 back to www
2014-06-06 Tom HughesDrop spike-01 from www
2014-06-04 Tom HughesMove ascalon's external IP to pummelzacken
2014-06-02 Tom HughesAdd pummelzacken to DNS
2014-03-18 Grant Slaterforum: change IP address per request of Lambertus
2014-03-08 Grant SlaterAdd roundup DNS entry
2014-02-19 Tom HughesAdd longma to DNS
2014-02-18 Tom HughesPoint taginfo at grindtooth
2014-02-15 Tom HughesDrop duplicate taginfo record
2014-02-15 Tom HughesMove norbert's external IP to grindtooth
2014-02-15 Grant SlaterPoint jxapi @ faffy proxy. UCL IP shortage workaround
2014-02-09 Tom HughesLower TTL for taginfo
2014-02-09 Tom HughesAdd grindtooth to DNS
2014-02-07 Grant SlaterLower TTL on forum
2014-02-04 Grant SlaterAdd clifford + ascalon external IPs
2014-02-03 Tom HughesAdd OOD addresses for clifford and ascalon
2014-02-03 Tom HughesAdd clifford and ascalon to DNS
2014-01-17 Grant SlaterUpdate: donate + dmca IP address
2014-01-10 Grant SlaterUpdate donate + dmca IP to new server
2013-12-19 Grant SlaterSet default TTL on hot records
2013-12-19 Tom HughesAdd simurgh to DNS
2013-12-13 Grant SlaterUpdate other HOT IP addresses after confirmation
2013-12-13 Grant SlaterUpdate hot.osm.org IP address per request of Kate/Drazen
2013-11-27 Tom HughesRevert "Reduce DNS TTL for www"
2013-11-27 Tom HughesAdd spike-03 to www
2013-11-27 Tom HughesAdd spike-02 to www and drop spike-03
2013-11-27 Tom HughesAdd spike-01 to www and drop spike-02
2013-11-27 Tom HughesDrop spike-01 from www
2013-11-27 Tom HughesReduce DNS TTL for www
2013-11-09 Tom HughesAdd IPv6 address for jakelong
2013-10-31 Tom HughesRemove the backup MX server
2013-10-29 Grant SlaterUpdate nepomuk IPv6 address
2013-10-22 Grant Slaterfix typo
2013-10-22 Tom HughesAdd gps-[abc].tile.openstreetmap.org as aliases for...
2013-10-16 Tom HughesRemove horntail and konqi
2013-10-16 Tom HughesAdd [abc].gps-tile
2013-10-01 Tom HughesAdd noquiklos to DNS
2013-09-24 Tom HughesRemove the Canadian tile cache
2013-09-24 Tom HughesBring spike-01 and spike-02 back into the www pool
2013-09-24 Tom HughesMove www load to spike-03
2013-09-23 Tom HughesRemove spike-03 from the www pool
2013-09-09 Grant SlaterSwitch wiki to ouroboros
2013-08-15 Tom HughesExpand names at the end of lines correctly
2013-08-15 Grant SlaterAnother go at fix for geo.openstreetmap
2013-08-15 Grant SlaterRemove bunyip from geo.openstreetmap
2013-08-15 Grant SlaterFix geo.openstreetmap.org NS was not complete
2013-08-15 Tom HughesSet SOA values with reduced TTL for negative cache...
2013-08-15 Tom HughesRemove redundant TTL specification
2013-08-14 Matt AmosEntry for backup.ic should be ironbelly too.
2013-08-14 Grant SlaterIncrease TTL on NS + CNAME pointing which do not effect...
2013-08-14 Grant SlaterFix geo NS bug
2013-08-14 Grant SlaterFix geo.osm.org NS pointing (shenron,nadder-02,fume...
2013-08-09 Tom HughesPoint ci.osm.org at new server
2013-08-05 Grant SlaterSwitch tile parent to orm
2013-08-01 Tom HughesGenerate A records for each cluster based on which...
2013-08-01 Tom HughesFix names of provo servers
2013-08-01 Tom HughesRemove details for old London tile cache
2013-08-01 Tom HughesAdd provo to tile caches
2013-07-31 Tom HughesAdd nadder-01 and nadder-02 to DNS
2013-07-14 Tom HughesPoint planet.openstreetmap.org at ironbelly
2013-07-12 Tom HughesPoint stats at ironbelly
2013-07-11 Tom HughesPoint backup at ironbelly
2013-07-11 Tom HughesReduce DNS expiry for services on horntail
2013-07-11 Tom HughesPoint chef at ironbelly