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Add APC power switch to DNS
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2008-11-09 Tom HughesAdd APC power switch to DNS
2008-09-25 Tom HughesUpdate DNS to point t@h at new server.
2008-08-12 Tom HughesMake xapi an alias for fafnir.
2008-08-12 Tom HughesThe external address is on fafnir now.
2008-08-12 Tom HughesChange all the machines this time...
2008-08-12 Tom HughesChange names of reinstalled machines.
2008-08-08 Tom HughesMove the main web server to puff.
2008-08-08 Tom HughesMove backups to tile.
2008-08-06 Tom HughesAdd DNS for puff's external interface.
2008-08-05 Tom HughesAdd new HP servers to DNS.
2008-08-04 Tom HughesRemove redundant comment.
2008-08-04 Tom HughesAdd an SPF record for openstreetmap.org to try and...
2008-08-04 Tom HughesRemove spurious colon.
2008-08-04 Tom HughesAdd DNS entry for blogs.openstreetmap.org pointing...
2008-08-04 Tom HughesAdd idris and move services from the vm to idris.
2008-07-23 Tom HughesMake maps an alias for www.
2008-07-08 Tom HughesReplace wildcard with explicit tile server aliases.
2008-03-05 Tom HughesMove backups to rails2.
2008-03-04 Tom HughesRemove short timeouts used during tile switchover.
2008-03-04 Tom HughesReorganise servers.
2008-03-02 Tom HughesPoint tile at the new tile server, and oldtile at the...
2008-02-29 Tom HughesReduce TTLs for tile.
2008-02-29 Tom HughesFix IP address typo.
2008-02-29 Tom HughesAdd tileserv to dns and remove external addresses for...
2008-02-18 Tom HughesSet the internal address for the VM.
2008-02-17 Tom HughesAccess backups over the private network.
2008-02-16 Tom HughesAdd DNS zone data to subversion.