Fix syntax error
[dns.git] / src / osmfoundation
2016-12-09 Tom HughesFix syntax error
2016-12-07 Tom HughesUpdate IP addresses for UCL machines
2016-12-06 Grant SlaterLower TTL for all UCL hosts
2016-12-01 Tom HughesReduce DNS expiry for IC machines
2016-07-26 Tom HughesAdd
2015-07-07 Tom HughesAdd
2014-12-14 Tom HughesAdd
2014-08-13 Tom HughesUpdate SPF and MX records for
2014-07-05 Tom HughesUpdate IP addresses for move to Wolfson House
2014-07-05 Tom HughesRevert "Reduce TTL on all names which point to UCL...
2014-07-01 Tom HughesReduce TTL on all names which point to UCL IP addresses
2014-03-24 Tom HughesFix typo
2014-03-24 Tom HughesHandle mail for via the OSM servers
2014-03-24 Tom HughesTidy up DNS
2011-07-15 Grant SlaterLowering TTL on selected UCL based services
2011-06-09 Tom HughesReplace with crm.osmfoundatio...
2011-05-08 Grant SlaterRe-Add DKIM record for osmf with respond split workaround
2011-05-08 Grant Slaterdisable osmf DKIM record for moment. Broken.
2011-05-08 Grant SlaterAdd DKIM, XMPP and missing aliases DNS records for...
2011-04-28 Tom HughesAdd shenron and move all idris's services to it and...
2011-04-28 Tom HughesReorganise DNS files to get rid of duplication and...