2020-03-16 Tom HughesAdd gorwen to tile CDN
2020-03-16 Tom HughesIncrease bandwidth to stormfly-01
2020-03-16 Tom HughesAdd gorwen to DNS
2020-03-16 Grant SlaterIncrease limit to noomoahk thanks tetaneutral.net support
2020-03-16 Tom HughesAdd stormfly-01 to tile caches
2020-03-15 Tom HughesReduce traffic to rimfaxe
2020-03-01 Grant SlaterAdd missing v= to DKIM domainkey
2020-03-01 Tom HughesPublish DKIM public key
2020-02-28 Tom HughesReduce load on rhaegal
2020-02-27 Tom HughesFix name of generated JSON files
2020-02-17 Tom HughesFix CNAMES returned by geodns
2020-02-17 Tom HughesUse standard formatting for IPv6 addresses
2020-02-17 Tom HughesAdd .yml extension to geodns source files
2020-02-17 Tom HughesRemove support for publishing DNS to bytemark
2020-02-17 Tom HughesAdd takhisis to tile CDN
2020-02-17 Tom HughesAdd takhisis to DNS
2020-02-17 Tom HughesReduce traffic to trogdor
2020-02-16 Tom HughesIncrease nominatim traffic to pummelzacken
2020-02-15 Tom HughesSend nominatim traffic through geodns
2020-02-14 Tom HughesAdd geodns map for nominatim
2020-02-10 Tom HughesFix generation of JSON data for tile server map
2020-02-10 Tom HughesAlways alias tile to tile.geo.openstreetmap.org
2020-02-09 Tom HughesFactor out host addresses to a set of constants
2020-02-09 Tom HughesDrop ouroboros from DNS
2020-02-09 Tom HughesRemove spike-{01,02,03} from DNS
2020-02-09 Tom HughesDon't output the (now unused) country CNAMEs for tile...
2020-02-09 Tom HughesImprove name selection in SSHFP record generation
2020-02-09 Tom HughesTry and choose the best SSHFP record to add for each...
2020-02-08 Grant SlaterMinor README.md update
2020-02-08 Grant SlaterAdd .li domains
2020-02-08 Grant SlaterAdd additional Google postmaster verifications
2020-02-08 Tom HughesUpdate sshfp.js when mksshfp changes
2020-02-08 Tom HughesLimit SSHFP records to RSA keys
2020-02-08 Tom HughesLimit the number of SSHFP records we generate
2020-02-08 Tom HughesFix syntax error in SSHFP include
2020-02-08 Tom HughesAdd SSHFP records to main domain
2020-02-08 Tom HughesFix some DNS errors
2020-02-08 Tom HughesRestore 2012.stateofthemap.org to DNS
2020-02-08 Tom HughesFix perl warning
2020-02-07 Tom HughesAdd support for managing domain registrations
2020-02-07 Tom HughesAdd support for publishing DNS to Cloudflare
2020-01-29 Tom HughesBump MTA-STS policy ID value
2020-01-28 Tom HughesEscape colon in TLSRPT record
2020-01-28 Tom HughesPublish TLSRPT reporting rule for MTA-STS errors
2020-01-28 Tom HughesAnnounce MTA-STS policy
2020-01-28 Tom HughesDelegate MTA-STS policy for subdomains
2020-01-28 Tom HughesAdd mta-sta alias for UK domains
2020-01-28 Tom HughesFix MX records for OSMF CRM
2020-01-28 Tom HughesAdd mta-sts DNS alias
2020-01-27 Tom HughesReduce bandwidth to rhaegal
2020-01-23 Tom HughesMerge tuatara and waima into a single virtual cache
2020-01-22 Tom HughesAdd IPv6 address for tuatara
2020-01-22 Tom HughesEnable IPv6 addreses for geodns zones
2020-01-12 Tom HughesRevert "Switch nominatim to pummelzacken"
2020-01-10 Tom HughesSwitch nominatim to pummelzacken
2020-01-01 Tom HughesUpdate location of GeoIP database
2019-12-06 Tom HughesAdjust bandwidth limits for swedish caches
2019-12-06 Tom HughesDocument names for nodes in multi-node caches
2019-12-06 Tom HughesAdjust bandwidth limits for german caches
2019-12-06 Tom HughesAdjust bandwidth limits for french caches
2019-12-06 Tom HughesOnly publish new geodns configurations if they have...
2019-12-06 Tom HughesRoute DNS for multi-node caches through the weighted...
2019-12-06 Tom HughesOnly include servers which are up in the weighted serve...
2019-12-05 Tom HughesGenerate DNS configuration for weighted geodns
2019-12-05 Tom HughesAdd naga to tile CDN
2019-12-03 Tom HughesAdd naga to DNS
2019-11-08 Tom HughesRemove naga from DNS
2019-11-01 Tom HughesRemove azure
2019-10-15 Tom HughesReduce bandwidth to US caches
2019-10-10 Tom HughesReduce bandwidth to French caches
2019-10-01 Grant SlaterAdd 2020.stateofthemap.org
2019-08-27 Grant SlaterSPF: remove unneeded include
2019-08-27 Grant SlaterSPF: Hard fail other zones with SPF
2019-08-27 Grant SlaterSPF: Remove old IPs. Add MX. Switch to Hard fail
2019-08-14 Tom HughesIncrease bandwidth to ysera
2019-08-11 Tom HughesReplace yevaud with ysera in render cluster
2019-08-11 Tom HughesRemove yevaud from DNS
2019-08-11 Tom HughesAdd ysera to DNS
2019-08-06 Tom HughesMove Indonesia to the Australian cache
2019-06-30 Tom HughesAdd balerion to tile CDN
2019-06-30 Tom HughesAdd balerion to DNS
2019-06-21 Tom HughesIncrease bandwidth to stormfly-02 and azure
2019-06-13 Tom HughesAdd azure to tile CDN
2019-06-13 Tom HughesAdd azure to DNS
2019-06-13 Tom HughesAdd support for generating and distributing gdnsd maps...
2019-06-08 Tom HughesIncrease bandwidth to saphira and vipertooth
2019-06-02 Tom HughesMove some load from scorch and rhaegal to odin
2019-05-30 Tom HughesAdd toothless to london tile cache
2019-05-30 Tom HughesAdd toothless to DNS
2019-05-27 Grant SlaterIncrease bowser bandwidth allowance
2019-05-27 Grant SlaterRemove duplicate preferred origins
2019-05-27 Grant SlaterAdd jq and less to docker
2019-05-27 Grant SlaterAdd hsinchu to bowser preferred pool
2019-05-25 Tom HughesAdd bowser to the render servers
2019-05-25 Tom HughesRemove orm from render servers
2019-05-20 Tom HughesAdd fume to tile CDN
2019-05-18 Tom HughesAdd fume to DNS
2019-05-09 Tom HughesAdd bowser to DNS
2019-05-09 Tom HughesUpdate IP address for tuatara
2019-05-07 Tom HughesRestrict the german cache to only handle Germany