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41 hours ago Tom HughesLoad API fixture for the search controller tests master
41 hours ago Tom HughesAdd extra tests for API and redaction controllers
44 hours ago Tom HughesLoad friends fixtures for diary entry tests
45 hours ago Tom HughesYet more tests...
2 days ago Tom HughesTest changeset and note comment notification emails live
2 days ago Tom HughesLoad user_roles for permissions
2 days ago Tom HughesRemove unused code
2 days ago Tom HughesTesting, testing, testing...
2 days ago Tom HughesUse Faraday in place of Net::HTTP so we can mock responses
3 days ago Tom HughesFix rubocop warnings
3 days ago Tom HughesThe test train rolls ever onwards...
3 days ago Tom HughesRemove unused method
3 days ago Tom HughesFix some tests
3 days ago Tom HughesMoar tests!
3 days ago Tom HughesDrop the old output_compression plugin
3 days ago Tom HughesMore test coverage improvements
2 days ago live
41 hours ago master
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