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26 hours ago Niklas LaxströmLocalisation updates from master live
5 days ago Tom HughesDon't try and look up traces until the user is logged in
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11 days ago Tom HughesPlace GPS tiles in the overlayPane
11 days ago Niklas LaxströmLocalisation updates from
12 days ago Tom HughesUse https compatible names for GPS tile servers
12 days ago Lars Sonchocky... Add public gps tiles layer for debugging purposes
13 days ago Harry WoodMore dependency tweaks for gem2.3 and apache2-dev
13 days ago Harry Woodruby2.0->ruby 2.3
13 days ago Grant SlaterSwitch vagrant Ubuntu Trusty -> Xenial
2017-01-02 Tom HughesMake export action send TOTP cookie
2017-01-02 Tom HughesMake export form send authenticity token
2017-01-02 Tom HughesRemove dot prefix from cookie domain
2017-01-02 Tom HughesReduce TOTP cookie expiry to one hour
2017-01-02 Tom HughesAdd support for generating TOTP cookies
2017-01-02 Niklas LaxströmLocalisation updates from
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