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Add a "database readonly" state that allows all writes to the database
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2009-04-14 Tom HughesAdd a "database readonly" state that allows all writes...
2009-03-29 Tom HughesUse correct key for z15 and greater.
2009-03-26 Richard Fairhurstfix user:pass auth for Potlatch
2009-03-25 Tom HughesAdd SOTM advert.
2009-03-20 Tom HughesRefactor the GPX upload to try and avoid the import...
2009-03-08 Tom HughesFix for libxml 1.0.0 changes.
2009-03-08 Tom HughesUpdate to use libxml 1.0.0 gem.
2009-03-06 Tom HughesFix thinko.
2009-03-06 Tom HughesPut auto discovery links in the document head.
2009-03-06 Tom HughesDeclare XML namespace.
2009-02-19 Tom HughesAdd an ACL system to allow key/value pairs to be attach...
2009-02-14 Tom HughesGo back to using <center> to position the buttons in...
2009-02-13 Tom HughesUse a root relative URL for the donation button image.
2009-02-13 Tom HughesReplace the PayPal button on the home page with a donat...
2009-02-13 Tom HughesApparently zero is not false in ruby.
2009-02-13 Tom HughesRemove donate box from front page.
2009-02-13 Richard Fairhurstbe a bit smarter about enlarging the bbox (note to...
2009-02-13 Tom HughesPut the escapes back again.
2009-02-11 Tom HughesRemoved bogus backslash escape.
2009-02-11 Tom HughesWrap text to make it more readable and adjust the paddi...
2009-02-11 Tom HughesRemove bogus backslash escape.
2009-02-11 Tom HughesRemove excessive indenting - tabs are bad people!
2009-02-10 Paul GillardEnsure homepage source validates.
2009-02-05 Tom HughesBack out hack to setMapCenter and fix the problem in...
2009-02-05 Tom HughesAdd donation link to main site.
2009-01-29 Dirk Stöckerfixed typo
2009-01-19 Tom HughesRemove Steve's gratuitous insult.
2009-01-19 Steve Coastnicer signup confirmation email
2009-01-13 Richard Fairhurstswap way write with node deletion as per dev@
2008-12-15 Tom HughesAlign table heading properly. Closes #1405.
2008-12-12 Tom HughesOptimise lookup of traces with a given tag.
2008-11-25 Tom HughesAdd a delete method for the user model.
2008-11-18 Tom HughesRequire the user to be logged in for those methods...
2008-11-18 Tom HughesFix syntax of status only renders. Closes #1345.
2008-10-23 Richard FairhurstPotlatch 0.10f
2008-10-21 Tom HughesRevert r11194 as it doesn't work as the trace_name...
2008-10-13 Tom HughesFix race condition adding traces. Closes #1201.
2008-10-13 Tom HughesMake adding relations work again. Fix from RichardF.
2008-10-12 Tom HughesLog the IP address used to create an account.
2008-10-12 Richard FairhurstPotlatch 0.10e
2008-10-12 Tom HughesDisambiguate order clause.
2008-10-12 Tom HughesHide diary entries and comments made by deleted users.
2008-10-08 Tom HughesMake data browser work with OpenLayers 2.7.
2008-10-05 Richard FairhurstPotlatch 0.10d
2008-10-04 Tom HughesFix test for errors from geocoder.ca to work properly...
2008-09-25 Tom HughesGet rails to do asset tagging for the SWF file.
2008-09-20 Richard FairhurstPotlatch 0.10c... part two
2008-09-07 Tom HughesRun web authorisation for all non-api requests. Closes...
2008-08-24 Tom HughesAdd basic support for logically deleting a user.
2008-08-24 Tom HughesTidy up diary code a bit.
2008-08-21 Richard Fairhurstedit diary entries
2008-08-13 Tom HughesDon't user flash[:notice] when we're not redirecting...
2008-08-13 Tom HughesAllow users to change their email address. Closes ...
2008-08-13 Tom HughesAllow a user's email address to be marked invalid,...
2008-08-07 Tom HughesMake the location of the GPX traces configurable.
2008-07-31 Richard FairhurstPotlatch 0.10b
2008-07-31 Tom HughesIgnore any files in an __MACOSX folder in a zip file...
2008-07-30 Frederik Rammadd "non-exclusively" to new user signup message
2008-07-30 Tom HughesRework GPX import daemon to use libxml2 for speed.
2008-07-29 Richard FairhurstPotlatch 0.10a
2008-07-23 Shaun McDonaldShow whether a trace is public or private in the trace...
2008-07-22 Tom HughesEnable JPEG export from Osmarender again.
2008-07-19 Tom HughesFix thinko.
2008-07-19 Tom HughesImprove error handling.
2008-07-18 Tom HughesMore warning fixes.
2008-07-18 Tom HughesStop rails moaning.
2008-07-18 Tom HughesCope with being asked to find relations for any empty...
2008-07-18 Tom HughesMerge potlatch_010 properly.
2008-07-18 Tom HughesRevert broken attempt at potlatch_010 merge.
2008-07-18 Tom HughesMerged 8899:9136 and 9145 from trunk.
2008-07-18 Tom HughesMerge potlatch_010 branch to head.
2008-07-16 Tom HughesOptimise finding of relations, partially reversing...
2008-07-16 Tom HughesTidy up AMF controller and optimise a few rails things.
2008-07-16 Tom HughesRemove SOTM advert.
2008-07-16 Tom HughesDisable JPEG exports from Osmarender as they are not...
2008-07-15 Tom HughesMinor tidyups.
2008-07-15 Tom HughesRename unique_nodes to unshared_node_ids to make it...
2008-07-09 Tom HughesRevert Potlatch 0.10 from the trunk - we will keep...
2008-07-09 Richard FairhurstPotlatch 0.10
2008-07-08 Shaun McDonaldSorts out a problem with the description field and...
2008-07-08 Tom HughesAdd bounds to map responses. Closes #1011.
2008-07-07 Tom HughesAllow users to remove their image. Closes #1010.
2008-07-07 Tom HughesSanitize user descriptions properly.
2008-07-05 Tom HughesCapitalise German message correctly.
2008-06-28 Tom HughesQuote default when used as a key in a hash as it is...
2008-06-27 Tom HughesMerge data browser branch to trunk.
2008-06-26 Tom HughesRefactor to remove some code duplication.
2008-06-26 Tom HughesDisable the data browswer when the database is not...
2008-06-25 Tom HughesMinor correction to German translation.
2008-06-25 Tom HughesHandle international idiots in a reasonable selection...
2008-06-25 Tom HughesTry and make message and comment notifications more...
2008-06-24 Tom HughesRailsify relation selection (aka ripping out the f...
2008-06-24 Tom HughesImprove the layout of the object browser views.
2008-06-22 Tom HughesMerge 8381:8390 from trunk.
2008-06-22 Tom HughesMerge 8377:8381 from trunk.
2008-06-22 Tom HughesMake the polymorphic relation association work properly.
2008-06-22 Tom HughesMerge 7922:8377 from trunk.
2008-06-22 Tom HughesAdd support for putting the site in an offline mode...
2008-06-21 Tom HughesUse a polymorphic association to model relation members...
2008-06-21 Tom HughesRemoved bogus belongs_to user declaration.