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changeset comments and a couple of other small fixes
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2008-11-16 Richard Fairhurstchangeset comments and a couple of other small fixes
2008-11-14 Richard Fairhurstfinished Rails-friendly amf_controller. Note that this...
2008-11-09 Richard Fairhurst0.6-friendly Potlatch (work in progress). DO NOT SET...
2008-11-09 Dave Stubbsamf get*_history tests and related fixes
2008-11-09 Dave Stubbsa few more amf tests and associated bug fixes
2008-11-08 Dave Stubbs1st amf_controller tests, and some basic sanity check...
2008-11-08 Shaun McDonaldResyncing from head 10895:11795
2008-10-23 Richard FairhurstPotlatch 0.10f
2008-10-13 Tom HughesMake adding relations work again. Fix from RichardF.
2008-10-12 Richard FairhurstPotlatch 0.10e
2008-10-05 Richard FairhurstPotlatch 0.10d
2008-09-25 Shaun McDonaldDoing a resync from mainline 8633:10895. There was...
2008-07-31 Richard FairhurstPotlatch 0.10b
2008-07-29 Richard FairhurstPotlatch 0.10a
2008-07-18 Tom HughesMerge potlatch_010 properly.
2008-07-18 Tom HughesRevert broken attempt at potlatch_010 merge.
2008-07-18 Tom HughesMerged 8899:9136 and 9145 from trunk.
2008-07-18 Tom HughesMerge potlatch_010 branch to head.
2008-07-16 Tom HughesOptimise finding of relations, partially reversing...
2008-07-16 Tom HughesTidy up AMF controller and optimise a few rails things.
2008-07-15 Tom HughesRename unique_nodes to unshared_node_ids to make it...
2008-07-09 Tom HughesRevert Potlatch 0.10 from the trunk - we will keep...
2008-07-09 Richard FairhurstPotlatch 0.10
2008-07-03 Shaun McDonaldMerge changes from trunk 7673:8632.
2008-06-27 Tom HughesMerge data browser branch to trunk.
2008-06-24 Tom HughesRailsify relation selection (aka ripping out the f...
2008-06-22 Tom HughesMerge 7922:8377 from trunk.
2008-06-11 Richard Fairhursttrap for #971 until I can work out why it's doing it
2008-05-28 Tom HughesMerge 7744:7922 from trunk.
2008-05-16 Richard Fairhurstfix revert to cope with moved nodes properly (OH NOES...
2008-05-09 Tom HughesMerge 7452:7744 from trunk.
2008-05-03 Gabriel Ebnersplit_node_tags: Merge changes from main branch.
2008-05-01 Tom HughesMerge HTML export branch to trunk.
2008-04-30 Richard FairhurstPotlatch 0.8c
2008-03-21 Steve Coastmore madness
2008-03-21 Richard Fairhurstfix problem with blank areas throwing a 500
2008-03-21 Richard Fairhurstvarious relations fixes
2008-03-19 Richard Fairhurstrestore Steve's deleteway stuff
2008-03-19 Richard FairhurstPotlatch 0.8 - be afraid, be very, very afraid
2008-02-23 Steve Coastremove deleteway logic from amf_controller (yay!) TomH...
2008-02-19 Richard FairhurstReject 0/1-length ways.
2008-02-06 Richard Fairhurstunbreak undelete
2008-02-03 Tom HughesExplain why we don't include the nodes in the way load.
2008-02-03 Tom HughesDon't preload nodes as it seem to break ways with dupli...
2008-02-03 Tom HughesOptimise the Potlatch whichways and getway calls a...
2008-02-01 Richard FairhurstPotlatch 0.7
2008-01-25 Steve CoastMost of a method to delete a way and all its nodes...
2008-01-25 Steve Coastdont eager load tags (false primary key fucks all sorts...
2008-01-24 Steve CoastLots of documentation updates, plus split out potlatch...
2008-01-24 Steve Coastbegin rdoc documentation
2008-01-24 Steve Coastmove potlatch presets to only be generated once, and...
2008-01-23 Richard Fairhurstfew bits of tidying
2008-01-22 Steve Coastreplace whichways with rails-friendly code
2008-01-22 Steve Coastmake amf_controller use rails objects, and stuff, in...
2008-01-22 Steve Coastretab amf controller, it was getting annoying
2008-01-22 Richard Fairhurstdocument amf_controller types for SteveC
2008-01-21 Richard Fairhurstcomments
2008-01-17 Richard Fairhurst0.6c: bunch of minor improvements and bugfixes
2007-12-23 Richard Fairhurstautocomplete (not compiled for now) and start of tile...
2007-12-12 Richard Fairhurstattempt fix for anon users
2007-12-09 Richard Fairhurstenable revert
2007-12-03 Richard FairhurstDROP TEMPORARY TABLE so Tom can turn the privs down
2007-12-01 Richard Fairhurstmove preset tags and colours into config files
2007-11-30 Richard Fairhurstfurther refinement to revert
2007-11-30 Richard Fairhurstslight revert changes
2007-11-26 Richard Fairhurstbugfix for non-intersecting intersections (trac #592)
2007-11-21 Tom HughesAdd escaping of semicolon and equals in node tags.
2007-11-13 Richard Fairhurstwaterway=stream,natural=peak
2007-11-13 Richard Fairhurst0.5a: further revisions to merged ways, API->SWF error...
2007-11-10 Richard Fairhurst0.5: NUNS! REVERT!!!
2007-11-02 Richard FairhurstPotlatch 0.4c: bugfixes, history in progress
2007-10-07 Richard FairhurstPotlatch 0.4 (hopefully)
2007-09-22 Gabriel Ebnerrails_port_0.5: Merge rails_port r4643
2007-09-21 Tom HughesUse tile based query when creating a way from unwayed...
2007-09-21 Tom HughesUse quadtiling for the node tables.
2007-09-20 Tom HughesAllow the API to be taken offline completely as well...
2007-09-20 Gabriel EbnerMerge rails_port as of r4613 & fix tests.
2007-09-02 Richard Fairhursttypo
2007-09-02 Richard Fairhurstfix dragging, add some new pois (already!)
2007-09-02 Richard FairhurstPotlatch v0.2 with POI editing
2007-08-31 Tom HughesSplit the createuniquenodes query in two as MySQL was...
2007-08-29 Frederik Rammpreliminary commit 0.5 API with relations / untested...
2007-08-14 Tom HughesVarious updates to the user management, including the...
2007-08-14 Tom HughesDon't create sessions for API calls.
2007-08-03 Richard Fairhurstvarious bugfixes, new natural presets
2007-07-26 Tom HughesAdd a flag to allow the API to be placed in read-only...
2007-07-22 Richard Fairhurstways from unwayed segments now automatically fix segmen...
2007-07-22 Tom HughesDon't include deleted segments when converting unwayed...
2007-07-22 Tom HughesLog calls to the makeway method.
2007-07-21 Richard Fairhurstexperimental 'make ways out of unwayed segments' feature
2007-07-13 Richard Fairhurststrip out any control characters before writing to...
2007-07-07 Richard Fairhurstfix problematic merge
2007-06-27 Tom HughesSplit the rest action into sparate read, update and...
2007-06-27 Richard Fairhurstuse render proc to write out results, see if that makes...
2007-06-27 Tom HughesFix breakage.
2007-06-27 Tom HughesAdd more logging...
2007-06-26 Tom HughesEnhance logging.
2007-06-26 Tom HughesFix typo.
2007-06-26 Tom HughesAdd some logging.
2007-06-26 Richard Fairhurstfixing version problem for way_tags