Correct name of zoom argument for Potlatch 2
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2017-03-01 Tom HughesCorrect name of zoom argument for Potlatch 2
2017-03-01 Tom HughesRemove inline javascript from potlatch2 view
2017-02-28 Tom HughesRemove inline javascript from potlatch view
2017-02-28 Tom HughesMerge remote-tracking branch 'openstreetmap/pull/1469'
2017-02-27 Tom HughesRemove inline javascript from user views
2017-02-27 Herve Saint-AmandIncluded greeting string in changeset_comment_notificat...
2017-02-27 Tom HughesRevert "Update iD frame parameters if the parent URL...
2017-02-27 Tom HughesUpdate iD frame parameters if the parent URL changes
2017-02-26 Tom HughesMerge remote-tracking branch 'openstreetmap/pull/1467'
2017-02-26 Simon PooleExternalize message about missing OAuth capabilities...
2017-02-26 Tom HughesAdd support for Content-Security-Policy
2017-02-25 Tom HughesRemove explicit context menu width
2017-02-24 Tom HughesRename 'clickable' to 'interactive' per leaflet 1.x...
2017-02-23 Tom HughesMerge remote-tracking branch 'openstreetmap/pull/1436'
2017-02-21 Tom HughesMerge remote-tracking branch 'openstreetmap/pull/1449'
2017-02-21 Tom HughesEnable context menu on mouse down with no shift pressed
2017-02-20 Tom HughesMerge remote-tracking branch 'openstreetmap/pull/1451'
2017-02-20 Tom HughesUse created at for RSS format with note#show
2017-02-19 Tom HughesMerge remote-tracking branch 'openstreetmap/pull/1445'
2017-02-19 Holger JerominFix shift key handling in contextmenu
2017-02-18 Simon PooleSmall improvement to block status display
2017-02-18 Tom HughesMerge branch 'contextmenu'
2017-02-18 Tom HughesFix rubocop warnings
2017-02-18 Tom HughesMerge remote-tracking branch 'openstreetmap/pull/1443'
2017-02-18 Simon PooleMake test for a "zero hour" block more robust
2017-02-18 Tom HughesApparently some fool things the colon is part of the...
2017-02-18 Simon PooleActually use user_block
2017-02-18 Simon PooleAdd functionality to return a specific message for...
2017-02-18 Tom HughesPreserve protocol in standard links
2017-02-18 Tom HughesPreserve protocol in short links
2017-02-17 Tom HughesInitialise locale before looking up user blocked error
2017-02-17 Matt AmosImplement the OWG credit policy for hosting partners.
2017-02-16 Tom HughesMerge remote-tracking branch 'openstreetmap/pull/1439'
2017-02-16 Nicolas CornuAdd line segment to each steps of GraphHopper routing
2017-02-16 Nicolas CornuFix latLng from GraphHopper engine
2017-02-13 Herve Saint-AmandFixed quote style to please rubocop
2017-02-13 Tom HughesAllow a POST with no arguments to trace#edit to fetch...
2017-02-12 Herve Saint-Amandmerging master into html-mail-fixes
2017-02-12 Tom HughesAllow context menu to add notes without panning the map
2017-02-12 Tom HughesMake context menu entries translateable
2017-02-12 Tom HughesImprove context menu initialisation to avoid namespace...
2017-02-12 Tom HughesMerge remote-tracking branch 'openstreetmap/pull/1030...
2017-02-12 Herve Saint-AmandA better way to contrain the width of the message box...
2017-02-11 Herve Saint-AmandTwo more "nowrap" instructions removed to accommodate...
2017-02-11 Herve Saint-AmandRemove nowrap on footer text, to accommodate narrow...
2017-02-11 Herve Saint-AmandSet font on title
2017-02-09 Herve Saint-AmandMake the mails squeezable on narrow screens
2017-02-09 Tom HughesOnly add traces for POST requests
2017-02-09 Tom HughesOnly create diary entries for POST requests
2017-02-09 Herve Saint-AmandFixed alignment & underlining bugs in Outlook / WinMail
2017-02-09 Tom HughesRender message properly on error
2017-02-09 Tom HughesOnly send messages for POST requests
2017-02-08 Herve Saint-AmandAvoid squished-up grey borders around the message on...
2017-02-08 Herve Saint-AmandEven out the widths of the white bars around the messag...
2017-02-08 Herve Saint-AmandBetter alt text for the logo
2017-02-08 Herve Saint-AmandUse the same fonts for the footer text as for the rest...
2017-02-08 Herve Saint-AmandFix title alignment in Outlook/WindowsMail
2017-02-08 Herve Saint-AmandDon't display a box at all if the note event doesn...
2017-02-08 Herve Saint-AmandRemoved italic styling on message body
2017-02-08 Herve Saint-AmandForce the font on every <p> tag
2017-02-08 Herve Saint-AmandTweak cell width for proper centering on narrow screens
2017-02-08 Tom HughesOnly record a visible object if it exists
2017-02-06 Tom HughesMerge remote-tracking branch 'openstreetmap/pull/1426'
2017-02-05 Tom HughesLink GPX fixture files instead of stubbing
2017-02-05 Tom HughesMake TraceController#list sort by id instead of timestamp
2017-02-05 Tom HughesMerge remote-tracking branch 'openstreetmap/pull/1347...
2017-02-05 Tom HughesFix rubocop warnings
2017-02-05 Tom HughesMerge remote-tracking branch 'openstreetmap/pull/1401'
2017-02-05 Tom HughesUpdate rubocop
2017-02-02 Tom HughesMerge remote-tracking branch 'openstreetmap/pull/1423'
2017-02-02 Andy AllanAdd a user_role factory
2017-01-31 Frederik RammReduce maximum changeset size to 10k changes
2017-01-28 Herve Saint-AmandThat new message in the HTML version of the mail should...
2017-01-28 Herve Saint-AmandRenamed `apply_inline_css` to `style_message` as suggested
2017-01-27 Herve Saint-AmandSet border=0 on that img
2017-01-25 Herve Saint-AmandLeft-align logo
2017-01-25 Herve Saint-AmandApply inline styling to all <p> tags
2017-01-23 Herve Saint-AmandPut the user avatar in a <p> block
2017-01-16 Herve Saint-AmandRubocop says to use "hash rockets"
2017-01-16 Herve Saint-AmandConvert those <nobr> tags to CSS
2017-01-16 Herve Saint-AmandRefactored the code to invoke the message body partial...
2017-01-16 Herve Saint-AmandMove attach_project_logo to be its own before_action...
2017-01-16 Herve Saint-AmandRenamed @user_message_author to @author as suggested
2017-01-14 Herve Saint-AmandRevert "Added a greeting to the changeset comment message"
2017-01-13 Herve Saint-AmandRemove that ugly style="margin: 0"
2017-01-13 Herve Saint-AmandSimplified the partial layout
2017-01-13 Herve Saint-AmandLogo was being attached twice on changeset comment...
2017-01-12 Herve Saint-AmandDressed up note comment messages
2017-01-12 Herve Saint-AmandDressed up lost password mail
2017-01-12 Herve Saint-AmandDressed up gpx notification mails
2017-01-12 Herve Saint-AmandDressed up friend_notification mail
2017-01-12 Herve Saint-AmandAdded a greeting to the changeset comment message
2017-01-11 Herve Saint-AmandRemoved unbalanced tag HTML tag
2017-01-11 Tom HughesDon't try and look up traces until the user is logged in
2017-01-09 Herve Saint-AmandDressed up a few more messages.
2017-01-08 Herve Saint-AmandMoved message table HTMl to a partial template
2017-01-06 Herve Saint-AmandFirst steps towards using layouts
2017-01-05 Tom HughesPlace GPS tiles in the overlayPane
2017-01-04 Lars Sonchocky-Hel... Add public gps tiles layer for debugging purposes
2017-01-03 Herve Saint-AmandRemove HTML markup from locale file