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descriptionChef configuration management public repo for configuring & maintaining the OpenStreetMap servers.
ownerTom Hughes
last changeFri, 19 Apr 2024 14:11:55 +0000 (15:11 +0100)
7 hours ago Grant Slaterdevices: enable nvme.poll_queues if supported master
37 hours ago Sarah Hoffmannnominatim: UI forwarding should take precedence to...
41 hours ago Grant Slaterremove fragments of old civicrm-staging
41 hours ago Grant Slaterapt: enable backports on debian
2 days ago Sarah Hoffmannnominatim: update Python dependencies
9 days ago Grant Slaterosqa: remove search, replaced with duckduckgo iframe
9 days ago Grant Slaterosqa: disable contact form
10 days ago Tom HughesMerge remote-tracking branch 'github/pull/656'
10 days ago dependabot... build(deps): bump kitchen-dokken from 2.20.3 to 2.20.4
12 days ago Tom HughesUpdate configuration of nodesource repo
12 days ago Tom HughesUpdate Node.js to the 20.x branch
2024-04-05 Tom HughesModernise mod_perl installation
2024-04-05 Grant Slaterotrs: ensure SetPermissions.pl and daemon restart happe...
2024-04-05 Grant Slaterotrs: enable all required apache modules
2024-04-05 Grant Slaterotrs: Add additional packages as required by deb
2024-04-04 Tom HughesDrop cleanup code
7 hours ago master