descriptionChef configuration management public repo for configuring & maintaining the OpenStreetMap servers.
ownerTom Hughes
last changeMon, 23 Oct 2017 17:33:58 +0000 (18:33 +0100)
11 hours ago Grant SlaterTune WDC RE3/RE4 disks with poor NCQ master
12 hours ago Grant SlaterLower squid memory on komodo
12 hours ago Grant Slatertilecache: remove fallback caches as peers
3 days ago Tom HughesLoad nct6775 sensor module on vial
3 days ago Tom HughesUpdate carto stylesheet to v4.4.0
3 days ago Tom HughesInstall Noto Sans Arabic UI from github if necessary
3 days ago Tom HughesFix backup sync
3 days ago Tom HughesSend output from the database script to admins
4 days ago Sarah Hoffmannincrease fpm pool sizes on dulcy
5 days ago Tom HughesMake g5team an admin on G5 Solutions machines
5 days ago Tom HughesAdjust cache size for komodo
6 days ago Tom HughesDrop rails50 dev site
6 days ago Tom HughesAdd role for komodo
7 days ago Tom HughesTune bonding on odin
7 days ago Tom HughesEnable network bonding on odin
10 days ago Tom HughesUpdate piwik to 3.2.0
11 hours ago master