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[chef.git] / roles / vial.rb
2017-11-07 Tom HughesDisable sensors on vial that are reading nonsensical...
2017-11-07 Tom HughesRevert "Adjust CPU temperature warning thresholds for...
2017-11-07 Tom HughesDisable unconnected sensors on vial
2017-10-20 Tom HughesLoad nct6775 sensor module on vial
2017-10-04 Tom HughesAdjust CPU temperature warning thresholds for vial
2017-06-21 Tom HughesUpdate yevaud to postgresql 9.6 and carto v4.0.0
2017-06-15 Tom HughesUpdate vial to postgresql 9.6 and carto v4.0.0
2016-08-22 Tom HughesAdd role for vial