Teach trac cookbook about site aliases
[chef.git] / cookbooks / trac / recipes / default.rb
2018-08-04 Grant SlaterTeach trac cookbook about site aliases
2018-02-11 Tom HughesConvert more URLs to https
2017-11-16 Tim SmithUse multipackage installs throughout
2017-02-20 Tom HughesMerge what remains of apache::ssl into apache::default
2017-02-19 Tom HughesRemove legacy certificate support
2017-02-12 Tom HughesSwitch trac to letsencrypt
2016-06-30 Tom HughesFix rubocop warnings
2015-02-02 Tom HughesFix some issues identified by rubocop
2013-06-23 Tom HughesBring trac backup script under chef control
2013-05-30 Tom HughesAdd a bunch more cookbooks