Remove role for longma
[chef.git] / roles /
2021-08-04 Tom HughesRemove role for longma
2021-07-23 Tom HughesRemove role for kokosnuss
2021-07-22 Paul NormanDecrease tile rate limit to 30 TPS
2021-07-21 Tom HughesRemove roles for kalessin, nidhogg and sarkany
2021-07-16 Tom HughesAdd IP based rate limiting to the render servers
2021-07-14 Grant SlaterAdd placeholder cookbook for community
2021-07-13 Tom HughesFix mapnik version attribute
2021-07-13 Tom HughesConfigure correct mapnik load path on updated tile...
2021-07-11 Tom HughesRemove roles for cherufe and shruikan
2021-07-09 Tom HughesUse ironbelly for DNS in Amsterdam with fallback to...
2021-07-05 Tom HughesRemove roles for boitata and keizer
2021-06-27 Tom HughesDrop oauth test site
2021-06-09 Grant Slatertile: Enable TCP BBR again experimentally. Uplinks...
2021-06-04 Tom HughesRemove role for fafnir
2021-05-28 Grant Slaterimagery: promote stereo to an admin
2021-05-13 Tom HughesAdd cgimap to oauth2 instance
2021-05-13 Tom HughesDrop rails61 test instance
2021-05-12 Grant Slaterridley: tune apache limits
2021-05-11 Tom HughesAdd a rails 6.1 test instance
2021-05-05 Tom HughesDisable parallel query on render nodes
2021-04-27 Tom HughesUpdate carto stylesheet to v5.3.1
2021-04-21 Tom HughesRename thorn-01 to lockheed and give it a public IP...
2021-04-15 Tom HughesRemove roles for cmok, naga and norbert
2021-04-12 Tom HughesAdd an oauth2 test instance
2021-04-06 Sarah Hoffmannnominatim: disable Postgresql jit
2021-03-30 Tom HughesUpgrade dev server to postgres 13
2021-03-30 Tom HughesRevert "Add blackhold route for gravater IPv6 block...
2021-03-25 Tom HughesIncrease replication slots
2021-03-25 Tom HughesEnable replication to snap-02
2021-03-25 Tom HughesConfigure snap-02 as a database slave
2021-03-21 Tom HughesAdd blackhold route for gravater IPv6 block in amsterdam
2021-03-07 Tom HughesLabel SNMP statistics with the site name
2021-03-07 Tom HughesAdd prometheus SNMP monitoring of switch and PDUs in...
2021-03-02 Tom HughesReduce maximum multixact age for promscale
2021-02-27 Tom HughesUse elasticsearch 6.x repsitory for filebeat
2021-02-26 Tom HughesSwitch wikis to use elasticsearch 6.x
2021-02-25 Tom HughesDo all mail deliveries via a controlled set of queues
2021-02-21 Tom HughesSwitch back to online mode
2021-02-21 Tom HughesSwitch to api_readonly mode
2021-02-18 Tom HughesRemove tilecache role from saphira and toothless
2021-02-17 Tom HughesMove rhaegal back to the main replication feed
2021-02-15 Tom HughesIncrease postgres connection limit on errol
2021-02-15 Tom HughesRemove role for waima
2021-02-15 Tom HughesLog autovacuums for promscale
2021-02-10 Tom HughesMove promscale tuning to role and tune WAL sizes
2021-02-02 Tom HughesFix cookstyle warnings
2021-02-02 Tom HughesMerge remote-tracking branch 'github/pull/388'
2021-02-02 Grant SlaterAdd wiki to trusted sendmail users
2021-01-30 Tom HughesUpdate carto stylesheet to v5.3.0
2021-01-29 Tom HughesUpdate backup ACLs for OSUOSL machines
2021-01-29 Tom HughesRemove stormfly-01 and stormfly-02 roles
2021-01-28 Tom HughesRemove prometheus role from tiamat-11
2021-01-27 Tom HughesEstablish wireguard tunnels from gateways to prometheus...
2021-01-27 Tom HughesRepurpose stormfly-03 as a prometheus server
2021-01-26 Tom HughesRemove role for culebre
2021-01-25 Tom HughesIgnore wild voltage sensor on shenron
2021-01-24 Tom HughesIgnore disconnected fans on errol
2021-01-21 Tom HughesIgnore some unconnected IPMI fan sensors
2021-01-21 Tom HughesIgnore unconnected IPMI sensors on gorynych
2021-01-20 Tom HughesConfigure prometheus alert manager
2021-01-16 Tom HughesRemove role for noomoahk
2021-01-15 Tom HughesReconfigure balerion as a render server
2021-01-15 Tom HughesRemove role for falkor
2021-01-10 Tom HughesRemove role for rimfaxe
2021-01-10 Tom HughesRemove roles for fuchur, glaedr, gorwen, idris and...
2021-01-07 Tom HughesRemove role for katie
2021-01-06 Tom HughesRemove role for kilgharrah
2021-01-06 Tom HughesRemove roles for jakelong and tuatara
2021-01-03 Tom HughesDrop role for gackelchen
2021-01-03 Tom HughesDrop role for lambton
2021-01-01 Tom HughesAdd remote hands account for Appliwave
2021-01-01 Tom HughesUse a numeric mtu
2021-01-01 Tom HughesAdd role for necrosan
2020-12-08 Tom HughesSwitch rhaegal to use the test replication feed
2020-12-08 Sarah Hoffmannstormfly-04: increase pool size
2020-12-08 Sarah Hoffmannput dulcy back into production
2020-12-06 Sarah Hoffmanndulcy: switch to postgres 13 and prepare for import
2020-12-04 Tom HughesReconfigure stormfly-04 as a nominatim server
2020-12-04 Sarah HoffmannRevert "pummelzacken: increase fpm-pool size"
2020-12-04 Sarah Hoffmannpummelzacken: increase fpm-pool size
2020-12-03 GrantMerge pull request #361 from polarbearing/patch-1
2020-12-03 GrantMerge pull request #362 from hbogner/master
2020-12-03 GrantMerge pull request #364 from osm-hr/html-torrents
2020-12-02 Tom HughesDrop postgres 9.1 on dev
2020-12-02 Tom HughesDisable SSL for postgres 9.1 on errol
2020-12-01 Sarah Hoffmannput pummelzacken back into production
2020-11-28 Tom HughesMerge remote-tracking branch 'github/pull/350' into...
2020-11-28 Tom HughesMerge remote-tracking branch 'github/pull/349' into...
2020-11-27 Sarah Hoffmannput pummezacken in import mode
2020-11-27 Sarah Hoffmannswitch pummelzacken to postgresql 13
2020-11-22 GrantMerge pull request #360 from Firefishy/torrent-rss
2020-11-21 Tom HughesRestore role for kokosnuss
2020-11-18 Tom HughesEnable firewall on tile caches
2020-11-18 Tom HughesDisable firewall on tile caches
2020-11-13 Tom HughesAvoid constantly setting TCP memory limits
2020-11-13 Tom HughesConfigure replication slots for dev server
2020-11-12 Tom HughesEnable DKIM signing for
2020-11-08 Tom HughesConfigure database for logical replication
2020-11-07 Tom HughesRestore role for scorch
2020-11-04 Tom HughesRevert "Disable shorewall on drogon"