Version bump cividiscount
[chef.git] / cookbooks /
2020-11-22 Guillaume RISCHARDVersion bump cividiscount
2020-11-22 Guillaume RISCHARDAdd wp plugin civicrm-admin-utilities
2020-11-22 Guillaume RISCHARDCivicrm version bump
2020-11-20 Tom HughesIncrease accuracy of replication timer
2020-11-20 Tom HughesLimit number of changes in a diff
2020-11-19 Tom HughesProcess firewall_rule resources at compile time
2020-11-18 Tom HughesConfigure prometheus monitoring for mysql
2020-11-18 Tom HughesAdd some mysql privilege name mappings
2020-11-18 Tom HughesTune PHP-FPM for foundation wiki
2020-11-18 Tom HughesAllow multiple instances of exporters
2020-11-18 Tom HughesAllow multiple instances of exporters
2020-11-18 Tom HughesEnable prometheus monitoring for more PHP-FPM sites
2020-11-18 Tom HughesAllow FPM configuration for wordpress sites
2020-11-17 Tom HughesFix new cookstyle warnings
2020-11-16 Tom HughesMerge remote-tracking branch 'github/pull/357' into...
2020-11-16 Matt AmosBump planet-dump-ng version for tag order change.
2020-11-15 Tom HughesTreat fastly addresses as trusted sources of remote...
2020-11-13 Grant SlaterUpdate dnscontrol to v3.4.2
2020-11-13 Tom HughesFix error when a certificate only has one name
2020-11-13 Tom HughesUpdate chef client to 16.6.14
2020-11-13 Tom HughesAvoid repeated reinstallations of isdct
2020-11-12 Tom HughesEnable prometheus SMART monitoring for Areca controllers
2020-11-11 Tom HughesInstall ruby for prometheus collectors
2020-11-09 Tom HughesFix ohai hardware plugin to handle newer HP raid cards
2020-11-08 Tom HughesEnable osmdbt based replication
2020-11-08 Tom HughesUse a temporary directory on /store for replication
2020-11-08 Tom HughesConfigure osmdbt based minutely replication service
2020-11-08 Tom HughesInstall osmdbt and generate configuration file for it
2020-11-08 Tom HughesRemove remains of long disabled streaming replication...
2020-11-08 Tom HughesAllow the planetdiff user to perform replication
2020-11-08 Tom HughesConfigure database for logical replication
2020-11-08 Tom HughesBuild logical replication plugin on database servers
2020-11-07 Tom HughesTell certbot to prefer the legacy "DST Root CA X3"...
2020-11-07 Tom HughesDrop unused letsencrypt intermediate
2020-11-06 Tom HughesFix new cookstyle warnings
2020-11-04 Tom HughesIncrease proxy timeout for mediawiki sites
2020-11-03 Tom HughesUse python 3 version of pygments
2020-11-03 Tom HughesRotate letsencrypt logs
2020-11-03 Tom HughesRemove no longer needed Wikibase setting
2020-11-02 Tom HughesTune FPM configuration for the wiki
2020-11-02 Tom HughesConfigure phpfpm exporter for main wiki
2020-11-02 Tom HughesUpdate CirrusSeach to use new style extension loading
2020-11-02 Tom HughesRemove WBL_VERSION from wikibase cache key prefix
2020-11-02 Tom HughesUpdate wiki to mediawiki 1.35
2020-11-02 Tom HughesUpdate URL for mediawiki repository
2020-11-02 Tom HughesUpdate wiki to mediawiki 1.34
2020-11-01 Tom HughesUpgrade foundation, DWG and MWG wikis to 1.34
2020-11-01 Tom HughesSet COMPOSER_HOME when running composer
2020-11-01 Tom HughesUpdate board wiki to 1.34
2020-11-01 Sarah Hoffmannnominatim: new MapIcon setting for API without UI
2020-11-01 Tom HughesDisconnect stdin for wal-e to avoid log noise
2020-10-31 Tom HughesConfigure ttyS0 as a console on jakelong
2020-10-30 Jochen TopfTaginfo: Install sqlite3-pcre package for using regexes...
2020-10-30 Jochen TopfActivate chronology source in taginfo
2020-10-29 Tom HughesConfigure exim exporter for prometheus
2020-10-29 Jochen TopfSwitch planet used for taginfo to history planet
2020-10-29 Jochen TopfAdd new config setting for taginfo
2020-10-29 Guillaume RISCHARDCivicrm requires php-bcmath package
2020-10-29 Guillaume RISCHARDVersion bump
2020-10-28 Tom HughesConfigure ipmi exporter for prometheus
2020-10-27 Tom HughesFix monitoring of devices behind adaptec RAID cards
2020-10-21 Tom HughesConfigure fastly exporter for prometheus
2020-10-20 Tom HughesEnsure make is installed got building ruby extensions
2020-10-16 Tom HughesDisable automatic installation of recommended packages
2020-10-16 Tom HughesMerge remote-tracking branch 'github/pull/353'
2020-10-16 Tom HughesUpdate URLs for Intel SSD tool
2020-10-15 Guillaume RISCHARDCivicrm + civirules version bump
2020-10-12 Tom HughesForce use of python 2 for OSQA
2020-10-09 Grant SlaterRevert "Revert "Disable HTTP2 for svn.openstreetmap...
2020-10-08 Grant SlaterRevert "Disable HTTP2 for"
2020-10-08 Tom HughesUse a common set of default resolvers, defaulting to...
2020-10-08 Tom HughesEnable systemd collector
2020-10-06 Tom HughesUse a connection URI for postgres monitoring
2020-10-06 Tom HughesRestart postgres exporter when the configuration changes
2020-10-06 Tom HughesGather even more postgres statistics
2020-10-06 Sarah Hoffmannnominatim: add hook for more generic blocks
2020-10-05 Tom HughesReport database size and replication delay for postgres
2020-10-05 Tom HughesGenerate prometheus statistics for the API
2020-10-04 Guillaume RISCHARDNew version of hillshade file
2020-10-04 Tom HughesExclude postgres and template databases from prometheus
2020-10-04 Tom HughesRun postgres exporter as user postgres
2020-10-04 Tom HughesEnable prometheus postgres exporter
2020-10-01 Guillaume RISCHARDChange zoom update file
2020-10-01 Guillaume RISCHARDJiggle for ovr file name
2020-10-01 Guillaume RISCHARDAdd hillshade layer with extra class
2020-09-30 Guillaume RISCHARDCredit David
2020-09-27 Tom HughesReport tile cache parents to prometheus
2020-09-26 GrantMerge pull request #344 from Firefishy/ignore-vicon...
2020-09-26 Grant SlaterIgnore Vicon Valerus online status pings
2020-09-26 Tom HughesConfigure modtile and renderd collectors
2020-09-25 Tom HughesIgnore failures starting shorewall
2020-09-24 Tom HughesIgnore failures disabling shorewall
2020-09-24 Tom HughesReport details of configured chef roles to prometheus
2020-09-23 Tom HughesEnable tcpstat collector
2020-09-23 Tom HughesReport details of configured network interfaces to...
2020-09-23 Tom HughesAttempt to fix test failures in mailman cookbook
2020-09-23 Tom HughesDon't try and update grub under test kitchen
2020-09-23 Tom HughesConfigure SMART collector for prometheus
2020-09-23 Tom HughesAdd framework for provisioning textfile collectors...
2020-09-22 Tom HughesAdd passenger exporter