KVM guests: set block queue depth back to default
[chef.git] / roles / nadder-02.rb
2014-02-10 Grant SlaterKVM guests: set block queue depth back to default
2014-02-08 Grant SlaterAdd KVM guest sysctl tuning
2014-02-08 Grant Slaternadder: Decrease scheduler queue depth to improve latency
2014-01-16 Grant Slatertilecache: add best peers to each cache (based on avg...
2014-01-02 Tom HughesMove tile cache sibling configuration to roles
2013-08-11 Tom HughesSwitch remaining caches to use render.openstreetmap.org
2013-08-06 Grant SlaterTile caches: switch back to default parent (now orm)
2013-08-03 Grant SlaterTile: move nadder-01/02 to orm
2013-08-01 Grant SlaterTile: increase nadder-01/02 memory after system RAM...
2013-08-01 Grant SlaterTune virtio disks on nadder-01/02
2013-08-01 Grant SlaterUpdate squid memory limit on nadder-01/02
2013-07-31 Tom HughesAdd roles for nadder-01 and nadder-02