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render: increase traffic to orm
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2014-01-17 Grant Slaterrender: increase traffic to orm
2014-01-16 Grant Slatertile: orm is still struggling. More to yevaud
2014-01-16 Grant Slatertile: more traffic to orm. (404 rate very high)
2014-01-16 Grant Slatertile: increase orm exposure
2014-01-16 Grant Slatertile: much prefer yevaud over orm
2014-01-13 Grant SlaterRevert "tile render: Move more load to orm over yevaud"
2014-01-13 Grant Slatertile render: Move more load to orm over yevaud
2013-09-26 Tom HughesRevert "Allow more bandwidth to orm"
2013-09-23 Grant SlaterAllow more bandwidth to orm
2013-08-12 Tom HughesPoint render.osm.org at whichever rendering servers...
2013-08-11 Tom HughesAdd dynamic mapping of tile caches to render servers