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Increase traffic limit for sarkany
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2014-07-05 Tom HughesUpdate IP addresses for move to Wolfson House
2014-07-05 Tom HughesRevert "Reduce TTL on all names which point to UCL...
2014-07-01 Tom HughesReduce TTL on all names which point to UCL IP addresses
2014-06-27 Tom HughesPoint stateofthemap at the 2014 site
2014-05-11 Tom HughesAdd DNS entry for 2014.stateofthemap
2013-03-14 Tom HughesPoint stateofthemap.org at the 2013 site
2013-02-21 Tom HughesAdd 2013.stateofthemap
2012-01-20 Tom HughesAdd 2012.stateofthemap
2011-07-31 Tom HughesMove stateofthemap.org back to ridley
2011-07-30 Grant SlaterPoint tile traffic to orm - static tiles. Point stateof...
2011-07-15 Grant SlaterLowering TTL on selected UCL based services
2011-04-28 Tom HughesAdd 2011.stateofthemap.org to DNS
2011-04-28 Tom HughesReorganise DNS files to get rid of duplication and...