imagery: update leafletjs
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2020-03-19 Grant Slaterimagery: update leafletjs
2019-07-03 Grant SlaterImagery: update leafletjs
2018-09-15 Tom HughesMerge remote-tracking branch 'github/pull/183'
2018-09-06 Grant Slaterimagery: update leafletjs
2018-01-16 Tom HughesFix permalink control on imagery sites
2018-01-15 Tom HughesUpdate to leaflet 1.3.0
2017-02-14 Grant Slaterimagery: fix floating text and switch to https links...
2017-02-14 Tom HughesLoad javascript resources over https
2016-06-17 Grant Slaterimagery: just add basic permalink support for now
2016-06-17 Grant SlaterRevert "imagery: add permalink support"
2016-06-17 Grant Slaterimagery: add permalink support
2016-06-03 Grant SlaterAdd CSS to not print leaflet-control
2016-05-30 Tom HughesGenerate HTML and javascript for imagery sites