Disable the postgres JIT on tile servers
[chef.git] / cookbooks / postgresql / attributes /
2020-03-30 Tom HughesDisable the postgres JIT on tile servers
2020-02-16 Tom HughesDefault to using the upstream repository for postgres
2018-02-20 Tom HughesAllow vacuum_scale_factor and analyze_scale_factor...
2016-09-19 Tom HughesSet effective_io_concurrency to 256 on karm
2016-09-18 Tom HughesIncrease track_activity_query_size to 16Kb on tile...
2016-08-15 Tom HughesAdd max_wal_size support for postgresql 9.5
2013-10-09 Tom HughesAllow cpu_tuple_cost to be configured for postgres
2013-05-31 Tom HughesAdd a load more cookbooks