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Merge remote-tracking branch 'github/pull/643'
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12 hours ago Tom HughesMerge remote-tracking branch 'github/pull/641'
12 hours ago Grant Slaterchef: on Debian ARM use Ubuntu deb
14 hours ago Tom HughesMerge remote-tracking branch 'github/pull/642'
17 hours ago Grant Slaterchef: Remove ancient verisign 1024 root cert
18 hours ago Grant SlaterFix en.openstreetmap.town container
18 hours ago Grant SlaterAdd basic en.openstreetmap.town redirect service
23 hours ago Tom HughesConfigure doorkeeper keys for dev instances
2 days ago Tom HughesMove tilejson.json to html directory so it gets deployed
2 days ago Tom HughesDrop support for old style tile server replication
2 days ago Tom HughesInstall g++ for knife
2 days ago Tom HughesSwitch remaining render servers to osm2pgsql replication
5 days ago Tom HughesRun osm2pgsql replication in a loop instead of relying...
5 days ago Tom HughesRun expiry as a separate service for osm2pgsql replication
5 days ago Tom HughesAllow osm2pgsql replication to write to tile directories
5 days ago Tom HughesTrack sequence and timestamp of last update
5 days ago Tom HughesFix tile directory switch for render_expired
6 days ago Tom HughesMerge remote-tracking branch 'github/pull/638'
7 days ago Tom HughesUpdate microsoft authentication ID
8 days ago Tom HughesUse callout verification for domains we are relaying to
8 days ago Grant SlaterRevert "Use callout verification for domains we are...
10 days ago Tom HughesUse callout verification for domains we are relaying to
11 days ago Grant Slaterhardware: add debian firmware-linux meta package
11 days ago Grant Slaterapt: add debian non-free-firmware repo
11 days ago Tom HughesUse gamin instead of inotify on Ubuntu
11 days ago Tom HughesEnsure python modules for log monitoring are installed...
11 days ago Tom HughesDrop special casing of gen10 HP repo for Debian
11 days ago Tom HughesUse debian 11 chef client on debian 12
11 days ago Grant Slaterstateofthemap: add 2024
12 days ago Tom HughesAdd support for using osm2pgsql-replication on render...
13 days ago Tom HughesAllow cgimap to read issues and reports
13 days ago Tom HughesMerge remote-tracking branch 'github/pull/637'
13 days ago Tom HughesEnable upload rate limiting for cgimap
2023-11-13 Tom HughesSet SECRET_KEY_BASE when delivering messages from email
2023-11-09 Tom HughesSet SECRET_KEY_BASE_DUMMY for the statistics script
2023-11-08 Tom HughesSet SECRET_KEY_BASE for rails job runners
2023-11-08 Tom HughesSet SECRET_KEY_BASE_DUMMY when building assets
2023-11-08 Tom HughesSet memory limits for user slices on the dev server
2023-11-05 Tom HughesDisable RemoveIPC for reindex services
2023-11-04 Tom HughesEnable cgimap with ratelimit-upload option for tomh...
2023-11-03 Tom HughesInstall libxml-twig-perl on the dev server
2023-11-02 Tom HughesUse sql_exporter to monitor rails queue lengths
2023-11-02 Tom HughesAdd support for using sql_exporter to query postgres
2023-11-01 Grant Slaterdiscourse: increase smtp timeouts
2023-11-01 Tom HughesDrop alertmanager API block
2023-11-01 Tom HughesAllow domain level blocks on email senders
2023-11-01 Grant SlaterRevert "Allow domain level blocks on email senders"
2023-11-01 Tom HughesAllow domain level blocks on email senders
2023-10-30 Grant Slaterplanet: allow redirect to eu or us bucket for all years
2023-10-30 Grant Slaterplanet: wait for s3 replication to complete
2023-10-30 Grant Slaterplanet: add S3 buckets to torrents
2023-10-30 Grant Slaterplanet: first copy to s3
2023-10-30 Tom HughesConfigure moderator limits for cgimap explicitly
2023-10-29 Grant Slaterpodman: workaround ubuntu 22.04 crun bug
2023-10-28 Grant Slaterpodman: avoid starting and immediate restart on first run
2023-10-26 Guillaume RISCHARDcivicrm + extensions version bump
2023-10-26 Tom HughesInstall libbytes-random-secure-perl on the dev server
2023-10-25 Grant Slaterdns: bump dnscontrol to v4.6.0
2023-10-24 Tom HughesPublish global state for changesets after local state
2023-10-24 Grant Slaterplanet: also sync to s3 changeset state config file
2023-10-23 Tom HughesUse S3 as the source for replication diffs for render...
2023-10-23 Grant Slaterplanet: cleanup redirects and add replication diff...
2023-10-23 Guillaume RischardAvoid double call to ip2region; consolidate rewrite...
2023-10-23 Guillaume RischardUse dual stack (IPv4/IPv6) S3 endpoints for public...
2023-10-21 Tom HughesMake prometheus backup service fail on error
2023-10-21 Tom HughesAllow prometheus backup server to acess AWS cache
2023-10-21 Tom HughesSilence curl progress messages
2023-10-21 Tom HughesEnable prometheus backup timer
2023-10-21 Tom HughesMerge remote-tracking branch 'github/pull/631'
2023-10-21 Tom HughesBackup prometheus data to S3
2023-10-21 Tom HughesDisable progress messages for osm2pgsql
2023-10-20 Grant Slaterplanet: increase AWS upload max_bandwidth
2023-10-19 Tom HughesEnable prometheus admin API
2023-10-19 Tom HughesMake prometheus API blocks work
2023-10-19 Tom HughesBlock external access to prometheus admin API
2023-10-18 Tom HughesInstall libyaml-dev for rails
2023-10-17 Guillaume RISCHARDcivicrm version bump, corrected extension name
2023-10-15 Tom HughesStop trying to URI encode passwords
2023-10-15 Tom HughesMake postgres exporter connect as the prometheus user
2023-10-15 Tom HughesGrant roles to newly created users
2023-10-15 Tom HughesRemove some old cleanup code
2023-10-15 Tom HughesAdd a prometheus user to all postgres clusters
2023-10-15 Tom HughesAdd support for granting roles to postgres users
2023-10-13 Tom HughesAdd alert for interface redundancy
2023-10-13 Tom HughesReport bond mode for bonded interfaces
2023-10-13 Grant Slateroxidized: add libyaml-dev requirement
2023-10-13 Tom HughesUse the directory name as the certificate name for...
2023-10-12 Tom HughesStatically configure backup replication metrics
2023-10-12 Tom HughesSet roundingPeriod explicitly for all jobs
2023-10-12 Tom HughesSplit daily metrics into separate jobs
2023-10-12 Tom HughesLook back two days for S2 daily statistics
2023-10-12 Grant SlaterRevert "cloudwatch: add eu-north-1 for osm-main to...
2023-10-12 Grant SlaterRevert "cloudwatch: Own job for Replication Metrics"
2023-10-12 Grant Slatercloudwatch: Own job for Replication Metrics
2023-10-12 Grant Slatercloudwatch: add eu-north-1 for osm-main to collect...
2023-10-11 Tom HughesFix query interval for billing metrics
2023-10-11 Grant Slatercloudwatch: Add other billed accounts
2023-10-11 Tom HughesAdd monitoring for AWS billing metrics
2023-10-11 Tom HughesAdd monitoring for some EC2 metrics
2023-10-11 Grant Slatercloudwatch: add account name comment
2023-10-11 Grant Slatercloudwatch: add sts-region