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Increase some tilecaches nginx cache
[chef.git] / roles / longma.rb
2019-12-08 Grant SlaterIncrease some tilecaches nginx cache
2019-11-26 Grant Slaterlongma: move squid completely to new disk
2019-11-26 Grant Slaterlongma: use new store.new-san mount
2019-11-12 Tom HughesIncrease shared memory limit on various caches
2019-11-09 Tom HughesRemove sibling lists for tile caches
2019-11-07 Tom HughesSwitch longma to squid 4
2019-11-06 Grant Slaternginx: allow custom cache folder path, apply on longma
2019-06-30 Tom HughesAdd role for balerion
2019-05-13 Tom HughesUpdate network interface name for longma
2016-11-22 Tom HughesSend root email from longma to local admins
2014-07-31 Grant SlaterTilecache: Reduce delay-pool top-up. Bigger bucket
2014-02-19 Tom HughesAdd role for longma