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2011-06-24 Tom HughesAdd fuchur back into the www alias
2011-06-24 Tom HughesUpdate DNS for move of fuchur and norbert to IC
2011-06-23 Tom HughesReduce DNS TTLs on konqi in case it needs to change...
2011-06-23 Tom HughesAdd managed switches at IC to DNS
2011-06-23 Tom HughesMove www over to IC
2011-06-23 Tom HughesUpdate DNS for first phase of move to IC
2011-06-23 Tom HughesDrop puff from www duties
2011-06-20 Tom HughesReduce TTL on DNS entries that will change as servers...
2011-06-20 Tom HughesRemove ilo.openstreetmap.org names that are no longer...
2011-06-16 Tom HughesRemove internal.openstreetmap.org addresses
2011-06-15 Tom HughesAdd entries for new style internal names
2011-06-10 Tom HughesAdd taginfo.openstreetmap.org pointing at the openstree...
2011-06-09 Tom HughesReplace civicrm.openstreetmap.org with crm.osmfoundatio...
2011-06-07 Tom HughesAdd civicrm.openstreetmap.org
2011-05-09 Tom HughesRemove IPv6 address for irc.openstreetmap.org as it...
2011-05-08 Grant SlaterRe-Add DKIM record for osmf with respond split workaround
2011-05-08 Grant Slaterdisable osmf DKIM record for moment. Broken.
2011-05-08 Grant SlaterAdd DKIM, XMPP and missing aliases DNS records for...
2011-04-28 Tom HughesMove horntail's ILO card to a normal internal address
2011-04-28 Tom HughesPoint tile at konqi and albi instead of directly at...
2011-04-28 Tom HughesAdd apt, stats and chef as aliases for horntail
2011-04-28 Tom HughesAdd jxapi alias for azure
2011-04-28 Tom HughesMove shop to point at a vhost that redirects to the...
2011-04-28 Tom HughesAdd 2011.stateofthemap.org to DNS
2011-04-28 Tom HughesAdd orm to DNS
2011-04-28 Tom HughesRemoved spurious colon
2011-04-28 Tom HughesRemove bogus org suffixes.
2011-04-28 Tom HughesAdd IPv6 address to SPF record and the MX host.
2011-04-28 Tom HughesAdd IPv6 address for shenron and update generated files.
2011-04-28 Tom HughesRemove katie and move nominatim to poldi.
2011-04-28 Tom HughesAdd poldi to DNS.
2011-04-28 Tom HughesAdd azure to DNS
2011-04-28 Tom HughesRemoved bogus org suffixes
2011-04-28 Tom HughesAdd DNS for albi's DRAC
2011-04-28 Tom HughesRemoved dulcy from DNS
2011-04-28 Tom HughesAdd DNS records for albi
2011-04-28 Tom HughesAdd apc2 and apc2 to DNS.
2011-04-28 Tom HughesRemoved old dev server from DNS.
2011-04-28 Tom HughesRemoved idris and vm from the DNS.
2011-04-28 Tom HughesAdd shenron and move all idris's services to it and...
2011-04-28 Tom HughesGive the web and tile servers one hour DNS TTLs for...
2011-04-28 Tom HughesWe are now using fuchur to serve the web site as well...
2011-04-28 Tom HughesReorganise DNS files to get rid of duplication and...
2011-04-28 Tom HughesRemoved old opengeodata zone file.
2011-04-28 Tom HughesAdd help.openstreetmap.org to DNS configuration.
2011-04-28 Tom HughesRemoved wiki entry pointing at Grant's proxy.
2011-04-28 Tom HughesBring osm.org DNS back into sync with openstreetmap...
2011-04-28 Tom HughesTidy up some openstreetmap.org DNS entries.
2010-05-26 Tom HughesReplace HOT delegation with an A record.
2010-05-21 Tom HughesDelegate HOT site to DreamHost.
2010-05-16 Tom HughesAdd external IP address for fuchur.
2010-04-08 Tom HughesAdd DNS entry for git.openstreetmap.org.
2010-04-06 Tom HughesAdd os.openstreetmap.org DNS entries.
2010-02-20 Grant SlaterAdd DNS: dump.wiki.openstreetmap.org
2010-02-18 Grant SlaterDNS: add accounts.osmfoundation.org
2010-01-23 Tom HughesPoint docs.osmfoundation.org at ghs.google.com.
2010-01-04 Tom HughesAdd 2010.stateofthemap.org site.
2009-12-10 Tom HughesAdd internal IP for konqi.
2009-12-10 Tom HughesAdd ILO address for konqi.
2009-12-10 Tom HughesAdd konqi to dns.
2009-11-12 Grant Slateradd osmfoundation.org DNS SPF record.
2009-11-06 Tom HughesAdd DNS entry for nominatim.openstreetmap.org for new...
2009-11-06 Tom HughesAdd vote.osmfoundation.org site.
2009-11-05 Tom HughesAdd an MX record for messages.openstreetmap.org.
2009-10-22 Grant SlaterDNS update: planet.openstreetmap.org now on horntail.
2009-10-15 Grant Slateradd blog.openstreetmap.org per request of Blackadder...
2009-10-13 Tom HughesCommit zone file for openstreetmaps.org.
2009-10-11 Grant SlaterDNS: add blog.osmfoundation.org
2009-10-07 Tom HughesAdd the normal a/b/c aliases for ooc.openstreetmap...
2009-10-07 Tom HughesAdd ooc.openstreetmap.org for out of copyright maps.
2009-09-29 Grant SlaterDNS Update. Add old.osmfoundation.org as alias for...
2009-09-24 Tom HughesMake idris the MX for otrs.openstreetmap.org so we...
2009-09-24 Tom HughesAdd MX record for otrs.openstreetmap.org.
2009-09-24 Grant Slateradd wiki.osmfoundation.org on ridley
2009-09-18 Tom HughesCorrect new address for forum.
2009-09-18 Tom HughesMove forum to new home.
2009-09-15 Tom HughesAdd otrs on ridley.
2009-09-15 Tom HughesDrop internal DNS entry for errol as it is not on the...
2009-09-13 Tom HughesAdd idris's internal IP address to the DNS.
2009-09-11 Tom HughesMove backup to horntail.
2009-09-11 Tom HughesMove munin to horntail.
2009-09-10 Tom HughesRename old tile server to horntail.
2009-09-05 Tom HughesPoint tile at yevaud and rename the old tile server...
2009-08-30 Tom HughesMove foundation wordpress instance to ridley.
2009-08-30 Tom HughesMove SOTM sites to ridley.
2009-08-29 Tom HughesMove NPE tile serving to errol.
2009-08-28 Tom HughesSwitch dev.osm.org back to errol - user pages are now...
2009-08-28 Grant SlaterDNS revert dev.openstreetmap.org to old-dev, move broke...
2009-08-27 Tom HughesPoint dev at errol.
2009-08-27 Tom HughesAdd temporary old-dev and new-dev aliases.
2009-08-26 Tom HughesFix typo.
2009-08-26 Tom HughesPut yevaud and errol in the right place.
2009-08-25 Tom HughesAdd new servers.
2009-08-06 Tom HughesAdd external names for katie and ridley.
2009-06-25 Tom HughesAdd cruise.openstreetmap.org pointing at Shaun's server.
2009-06-09 Tom HughesUpdate DNS to reflect new UCL IP addresses.
2009-05-30 Tom HughesDo wiki redirects on smaug.
2009-05-30 Tom HughesAdd some more names to the extra domains.
2009-05-28 Tom HughesAdd basic DNS for osm.org
2009-05-12 Tom HughesAdd ILO address for tile to DNS and fix APC power switc...