Fix lazy i18n lookups for browse error pages
[rails.git] / vendor /
2018-05-27 Tom HughesUpdate for final linear-gradient syntax
2018-05-27 Tom HughesRemove include of Mixin.Events
2018-05-24 Andy AllanMerge pull request #1871 from hikemaniac/browse-icon...
2018-05-22 Tom HughesUpdate swfobject to use uncompressed source
2018-05-15 Tom HughesMerge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/pull/1863'
2018-05-15 Tom HughesUse https to launch the remote editor except for modern...
2018-05-15 Bryan HouselUpgrade community index to 0.4.3 to fix issue with...
2018-05-14 Bryan HouselUpdate to iD v2.8.2
2018-04-29 J GuthrieMerge branch 'convert_roundabout_exits' of https:/...
2018-04-29 Jamie GuthrieMerge branch 'master' into convert_roundabout_exits
2018-04-29 Tom HughesMerge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/pull/1809'
2018-04-24 Bryan HouselUpdate to iD v2.8.1
2018-04-18 Tom HughesMerge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/pull/1824'
2018-04-16 Bryan HouselFix for empty array when querying for local community...
2018-04-16 Bryan HouselUpdate to iD v2.8.0
2018-03-11 Bryan HouselUpdate to iD v2.7.1
2018-03-09 Andy AllanMerge branch 'pull/1765'
2018-03-05 Bryan HouselUpdate to iD v2.7.0
2018-02-04 Tom HughesMerge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/pull/1704'
2018-02-03 Tom HughesMerge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/pull/1693'
2018-02-01 Tom HughesMerge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/pull/1727'
2018-02-01 Tom HughesUse https for default style tiles
2018-02-01 Bryan HouselUpdate to iD v2.6.1
2018-01-21 Bryan HouselUpdate to iD v2.6.0
2018-01-18 Tom HughesUpdate leaflet to 1.3.1
2018-01-17 Tom HughesUpdate Potlatch 2 to 2.5-21-gec1befed build
2018-01-15 Tom HughesUpdate the Leaflet.contextmenu plugin to 1.5.0
2018-01-15 Tom HughesUpdate leaflet to 1.3.0
2017-11-22 Andy AllanMerge branch 'pull/843' into titles
2017-11-22 Andy AllanMerge branch 'p' of
2017-11-16 Tom HughesMerge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/pull/1682'
2017-11-16 Bryan HouselUpdate to iD v2.5.1
2017-11-15 Andy AllanMerge branch 'wheres_this' of
2017-11-10 Bryan HouselUpdate to iD v2.5.0
2017-10-16 Tom HughesMerge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/pull/1580'
2017-10-09 Bryan HouselUpdate to iD v2.4.3
2017-10-09 Bryan HouselUpdate to iD v2.4.2
2017-08-30 Tom HughesMerge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/pull/1614'
2017-08-29 Tom HughesEnable retina tiles for Thunderforest layers
2017-08-26 Bryan HouselUpdate to iD v2.4.1
2017-08-25 Bryan HouselUpdate to iD v2.4.0
2017-08-09 Tom HughesUpdate to leaflet 1.2.0
2017-08-02 Andy AllanMerge pull request #1588 from Georeactor/master
2017-07-27 Tom HughesMerge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/pull/1595'
2017-07-24 Bryan HouselUpdate to iD v2.3.2
2017-07-21 Christian SchmidtUpdate to Leaflet.Locate 0.62.0
2017-07-11 Bryan HouselUpdate to iD v2.3.1
2017-07-07 Bryan HouselUpdate to iD v2.3.0
2017-06-29 Tom HughesMerge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/pull/1561'
2017-06-27 Tom HughesUpdate to leaflet 1.1.0
2017-06-12 Bryan HouselUpdate to iD v2.2.2
2017-05-17 Tom HughesMerge remote-tracking branch 'openstreetmap/pull/1521'
2017-05-12 Bryan HouselUpdate to iD v2.2.1
2017-05-09 Bryan HouselUpdate to iD v2.2.0
2017-04-24 Tom HughesMerge remote-tracking branch 'openstreetmap/pull/1527'
2017-04-13 Tom HughesUpdate Potlatch 2 to 2.5-7-gbd74430 build
2017-03-24 Tom HughesUpdate Potlatch 2 to 2.5 build
2017-03-05 Tom HughesMerge remote-tracking branch 'openstreetmap/pull/1437'
2017-03-02 Tom HughesUpdate Potlatch 2 to 2.4-46-gea38865 build
2017-02-24 Bryan HouselUpdate to iD v2.1.3
2017-02-23 Tom HughesMerge remote-tracking branch 'openstreetmap/pull/1436'
2017-02-21 Tom HughesMerge remote-tracking branch 'openstreetmap/pull/1449'
2017-02-18 Tom HughesMerge branch 'contextmenu'
2017-02-12 Tom HughesUpdate Leaflet.contextmenu to the 1.2.1 release
2017-02-12 Tom HughesMerge remote-tracking branch 'openstreetmap/pull/1030...
2017-02-07 Bryan HouselUpdate to iD v2.1.2
2017-02-06 Bryan HouselUpdate to iD v2.1.1
2017-02-05 Tom HughesMerge remote-tracking branch 'openstreetmap/pull/1347...
2017-02-05 Tom HughesMerge remote-tracking branch 'openstreetmap/pull/1401'
2017-02-04 Bryan HouselUpdate to iD v2.1.0
2017-01-23 Tom HughesUpdate to leaflet 1.0.3
2017-01-19 Tom HughesUpdate Potlatch 2 to 2.4-32-gecf1e0b build
2017-01-05 Tom HughesUse https compatible names for GPS tile servers
2017-01-04 Lars Sonchocky-Hel... Add public gps tiles layer for debugging purposes
2016-12-22 Bryan HouselUpdate to iD v2.0.2
2016-12-18 Tom HughesMerge remote-tracking branch 'openstreetmap/pull/1367'
2016-11-21 Tom HughesUpdate to leaflet 1.0.2
2016-11-17 Tom HughesMerge remote-tracking branch 'openstreetmap/pull/1375'
2016-11-17 Bryan HouselUpdate to iD v2.0.1
2016-11-15 Bryan HouselUpdate to iD v2.0.0
2016-10-27 Tom HughesMerge remote-tracking branch 'openstreetmap/pull/1344'
2016-09-30 Tom HughesUpdate leaflet to 1.0.1
2016-09-29 Tom HughesPatch leaflet-locationfilter for leaflet 1.x support
2016-09-29 Tom HughesUpdate leaflet to 1.0.0
2016-09-15 Tom HughesMerge remote-tracking branch 'openstreetmap/pull/1285'
2016-09-08 Tom HughesMerge remote-tracking branch 'openstreetmap/pull/1279'
2016-09-08 Tom HughesUse an API key for thunderforest tile layers
2016-08-16 Tom HughesMerge remote-tracking branch 'openstreetmap/pull/788'
2016-08-15 Tom HughesMerge remote-tracking branch 'openstreetmap/pull/1004'
2016-07-16 Bryan HouselUpdate to iD v1.9.7
2016-06-07 Bryan HouselUpdate to iD v1.9.6
2016-05-25 Bryan HouselUpdate to iD v1.9.5
2016-05-04 Bryan HouselUpdate to iD v1.9.4
2016-04-25 Bryan HouselUpdate to iD v1.9.3
2016-03-20 Tom HughesMerge remote-tracking branch 'openstreetmap/pull/954'
2016-03-18 Bryan HouselUpdate to iD v1.9.2
2016-03-14 Tom HughesMerge remote-tracking branch 'openstreetmap/pull/954'
2016-03-09 Tom HughesMerge remote-tracking branch 'openstreetmap/pull/1120'
2016-03-09 Tom HughesMerge remote-tracking branch 'openstreetmap/pull/1122'
2016-03-03 Tom HughesMerge remote-tracking branch 'openstreetmap/pull/1172...