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2012-09-29 Tom HughesUpdate database schema
2012-09-24 Tom HughesAdd a /api/0.6/user/NNNN call to the API
2012-09-16 Tom HughesUpdate database schema
2012-09-13 Tom HughesFix interpolation issues in attribution text
2012-08-10 Tom HughesUpdate schema
2012-08-10 Tom MacWrightImprove user page navigation menu
2012-04-09 Tom HughesUpdate database schema
2012-04-05 Tom HughesImprove styling of redaction view
2012-04-04 Matt AmosAdd redactions table and link it to history tables
2012-03-28 Tom HughesOnly require a readable database for login, not a writa...
2012-03-20 Tom HughesGet rid of custom CSRF protection for user role changes
2012-03-17 Tom HughesUpdate schema
2012-03-17 Tom HughesUpdate schema
2012-03-09 Tom HughesUpdate schema
2012-03-07 Tom HughesUpdate schema
2012-02-23 Tom HughesUpdate schema
2012-02-23 Tom HughesCommit the generated database schema