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various fixes/enhancements, including a couple to the 0.5 version
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2008-11-25 Richard Fairhurstvarious fixes/enhancements, including a couple to the...
2008-11-05 Shaun McDonaldUpdating the cycle map to use all zoom levels as per...
2008-10-29 Tom HughesPut back the units on all the zero values. Just because...
2008-10-29 Hugh BarnesFix for bug #1242, css foreground set + css shorthands...
2008-10-26 Grant SlaterBots Disallow /edit* & /login*, Nothing to see here...
2008-10-23 Richard FairhurstPotlatch 0.10f
2008-10-13 Richard Fairhurstdisable z12
2008-10-12 Richard FairhurstPotlatch 0.10e
2008-10-09 Grant SlaterBlock bots from /trace/, so they don't attempt to eat...
2008-10-09 Tom HughesSet the displayProjection on the map.
2008-10-06 Tom HughesUpdate cross domain policy to only allow API access.
2008-10-05 Richard Fairhurstslight fix to prevent empty tag values
2008-10-05 Richard FairhurstPotlatch 0.10d
2008-10-04 Tom HughesUpdate to OpenLayers 2.7.
2008-10-04 Tom HughesMake sure the zoom level is valid when positioning...
2008-09-27 Grant SlaterAdd Flash crossdomain.xml policy file
2008-09-20 Richard FairhurstPotlatch 0.10c... part two
2008-09-18 Richard FairhurstPotlatch 0.10c
2008-09-09 Tom HughesAdd the noname layer to the main map.
2008-08-28 Tom HughesUpdate for new cycle map location.
2008-07-31 Richard FairhurstPotlatch 0.10b
2008-07-30 Steve ChiltonCorrect versions of z12/13 keys
2008-07-30 Steve Chiltonnew versions of map keys to z12 and z13
2008-07-29 Richard FairhurstPotlatch 0.10a
2008-07-18 Richard Fairhurstmove status message up a bit when Yahoo layer is displa...
2008-07-18 Tom HughesMerge potlatch_010 properly.
2008-07-18 Tom HughesRevert broken attempt at potlatch_010 merge.
2008-07-18 Tom HughesMerged 8899:9136 and 9145 from trunk.
2008-07-18 Richard Fairhurstmake sure preset menu is removed on deselect
2008-07-18 Tom HughesMerge potlatch_010 branch to head.
2008-07-16 Tom HughesRemove no longer needed PHP extension.
2008-07-09 Tom HughesRevert Potlatch 0.10 from the trunk - we will keep...
2008-07-09 Richard FairhurstPotlatch 0.10
2008-06-27 Tom HughesMerge data browser branch to trunk.
2008-06-22 Tom HughesMerge 8381:8390 from trunk.
2008-06-22 Tom HughesMerge 8377:8381 from trunk.
2008-06-22 Tom HughesMerge 7922:8377 from trunk.
2008-06-02 Tom HughesDon't try and parse an empty string as a layer config...
2008-05-29 Richard Fairhurstfix node relations bug (thanks Dave!)
2008-05-29 Richard FairhurstPotlatch 0.9c
2008-05-28 Tom HughesImprove the layout of the browse sidebar a bit.
2008-05-28 Tom HughesMerge 7744:7922 from trunk.
2008-05-25 Richard FairhurstPotlatch 0.9b
2008-05-21 Richard Fairhursttemporarily disable OAM (SWF)
2008-05-21 Richard Fairhurstdon't set _alpha so often when ways dimmed (SWF)
2008-05-20 Tom HughesMake the layer attribute a bit less fragile - base...
2008-05-19 Tom HughesAdd the cycle map to the main site.
2008-05-16 Tom HughesYet another at fixing the layout of the search box...
2008-05-16 Shaun McDonaldShowing a nice message for browsers with javascript...
2008-05-12 Richard Fairhurstsplash screen
2008-05-11 Richard Fairhursthmmm, probably best not to gratuitously send the same...
2008-05-11 Richard FairhurstPotlatch 0.9a
2008-05-11 Tom HughesFix what looks like an accidental change to the stylesh...
2008-05-11 Tom HughesOnly add the data layer to the main map, and use the...
2008-05-09 Tom HughesMerge 7452:7744 from trunk.
2008-05-08 Richard FairhurstPotlatch 0.9
2008-05-05 Tom HughesRework the new Go button on the search form so that...
2008-05-03 Steve Coastadd a go button to the search form as in bug 589
2008-05-01 Richard FairhurstOption to disable thick ways
2008-05-01 Tom HughesMerge HTML export branch to trunk.
2008-05-01 Christopher Schmidtlarger map link is now raw html for better google-linki...
2008-04-30 Richard FairhurstPotlatch 0.8c
2008-04-30 Christopher Schmidtlink goes into external frame, not in the iframe
2008-04-30 Tom HughesTidy things up a bit.
2008-04-30 Christopher SchmidtSimplify a couple things that no longer need to be...
2008-04-30 Christopher Schmidtimprovements to embed.html, now uses bbox instead of...
2008-04-29 Tom HughesFix attribution strings.
2008-04-29 Tom HughesCosmetic tidy up, and fix hardcoding of server name.
2008-04-29 Christopher SchmidtAdd static embed-friendly html page.
2008-04-27 Tom HughesUnderline links in the SOTM box.
2008-04-27 Richard Fairhurstattempted fix for access from osm.org (as opposed to...
2008-04-26 Christopher SchmidtDon't load things if the layer is already visible:...
2008-04-26 Richard Fairhurstmight help if I committed the SWF...
2008-04-23 Richard Fairhurstavoid inducing despair in relations-related circumstances
2008-04-23 Christopher Schmidtno longer need stylesheet change
2008-04-23 Christopher Schmidtmove data into a layer in the layerswitcher
2008-04-23 Tom HughesRestore the appearance of input buttons.
2008-04-23 Tom HughesFix typo.
2008-04-23 Tom HughesStyle password fields (and textareas) to match text...
2008-04-22 Richard Fairhurstmust remember not to commit new version while Potlatch...
2008-04-22 Richard FairhurstPotlatch 0.8b
2008-04-22 Christopher Schmidtchange layout: now a link, no longer a tab
2008-04-20 Christopher SchmidtFix offset when laying in vectors on top of the OSM...
2008-04-20 Tom HughesCommit crschmdt's data browser patch.
2008-04-20 Tom HughesSuppress the PanZoomBar control from printed output.
2008-04-19 Tom HughesDo the transform the right way round.
2008-04-19 Tom HughesUse the right variable for the event.
2008-04-19 Tom HughesAdd numZoomLevels to the map.
2008-04-19 Tom HughesMerge 7296:7427 from export branch to trunk.
2008-04-19 Tom HughesOnly add a border to text input fields.
2008-04-17 Tom HughesSimplify URLs a bit.
2008-04-16 Tom HughesMerged 7296:7388 from rails_port trunk.
2008-04-16 Tom HughesAjaxify the export tab.
2008-04-16 Tom HughesGet rid of our reprojection code and use OpenLayers...
2008-04-16 Tom HughesAdd missing OpenLayers 2.6 images.
2008-04-16 Tom HughesUse OL 2.6 auto sizing for popups instead of doing...
2008-04-16 Tom HughesAdd a scale control to the map. Closes #51.
2008-04-16 Tom HughesUpdate OpenLayers to 2.6 release.
2008-04-14 Tom HughesMore work on export tab.
2008-04-11 Tom HughesReally remove it this time...