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Put the expected value first in assert_equal
[rails.git] / test / controllers / issues_controller_test.rb
2017-11-29 Andy AllanPut the expected value first in assert_equal
2017-11-29 Andy AllanMove controller tests for new reports into seperate...
2017-11-29 Andy AllanIndex page no longer redirects when there's no issues.
2017-11-29 Andy AllanMove and amend the issue comment controller tests.
2017-11-29 Andy AllanMerge branch 'master' into moderation
2017-08-02 Andy AllanMerge branch 'master' into moderation
2017-07-12 Andy AllanRubocop autofixes.
2017-07-12 Andy AllanRename association to reported_user, for clarity
2017-07-12 Andy AllanGet tests passing. Use factories instead of fixtures.
2017-07-12 Andy AllanMerge branch 'master' into moderation
2016-08-22 Matt AmosMore cleanup after tests.
2016-08-22 Matt AmosMore whitespace fixes. Attempting to get tests to pass.
2016-08-22 Matt AmosMade rubocop happy by formatting and minor syntax tweaks.
2016-08-22 ShreyAdded a few more tests
2016-08-22 ShreyAdded a few tests
2016-08-22 ShreyFixed existing tests
2016-08-22 ShreyMoved strings to locales + Added 'Issues' button +...
2016-08-22 ShreyFixed tests + Altered migration file + Added reporting...
2016-08-22 ShreyFixed tests + Added new ones
2016-08-22 ShreyControllers + a few tests + new notification added...