Upgrade noquiklos to chef 12
[chef.git] / roles / noquiklos.rb
2015-03-26 Tom HughesUpgrade noquiklos to chef 12
2014-09-03 Tom HughesIgnore bogus ipmi_temp warnings on G6 machines
2014-07-05 Tom HughesUpdate IP addresses etc for move to Wolfson House
2014-06-23 Tom HughesRename the ucl-internal role to ucl-wates
2013-10-16 Tom HughesInitial work on a chef cookbook for the GPS tile server
2013-10-06 Tom HughesMake Eric Fischer an administrator on noquiklos
2013-10-01 Tom HughesUpdate noquiklos role for move to UCL
2013-09-27 Grant SlaterAdd noquiklos role