Move db-backup role to eddie
[chef.git] / roles / karm.rb
2018-07-06 Tom HughesMove db-backup role to eddie
2017-12-07 Tom HughesReduce random_page_cost for postgres instances on SSD
2017-10-24 Tom HughesTune new disks in karm and eddie
2017-03-12 Tom HughesUpdate database servers to postgres 9.5
2017-03-12 Tom HughesMake karm the database master
2016-10-23 Tom HughesSet nomerge for nvme6n1 on karm
2016-10-12 Tom HughesSwitch karm to postgres 9.1 and make it a slave
2016-09-19 Tom HughesSet effective_io_concurrency to 256 on karm
2016-08-01 Tom HughesSwitch karm to use postgres 9.5
2016-07-28 Tom HughesMerge remote-tracking branch 'github/pull/74'
2016-07-27 Tom HughesConfigure karm as a database master
2016-05-23 Tom HughesEnable request merging for NVMe devices
2016-05-16 Tom HughesAdd role for karm