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Enable systemd-resolved on eustace
[chef.git] / roles / eustace.rb
2019-03-21 Tom HughesEnable systemd-resolved on eustace
2019-03-19 Tom HughesEnable netplan for all UCL machines
2019-03-19 Tom HughesEnable netplan support on eustace
2017-11-27 Tom HughesUpgrade remaining UCL machines to chef 13
2017-11-27 Tom HughesUpgrade eustace to chef 13
2017-01-26 Tom HughesMerge remote-tracking branch 'github/pull/102'
2016-12-08 Tom HughesDrop support for old UCL locations
2016-12-07 Tom HughesUpdate interface names for draco and eustace
2016-12-07 Tom HughesAdd VLAN numbers to internal interfaces of UCL machines
2016-12-07 Tom HughesUpdate internal interface names for UCL machines
2016-12-07 Tom HughesAdd VLAN numbers to external interfaces of UCL machines
2016-12-07 Tom HughesUpdate UCL machines for move to Slough
2015-10-01 Tom HughesIgnore nonsense temperature warnings on HP DL180 G6...
2015-03-26 Tom HughesUpgrade everything except ridley and ouroboros to chef 12
2015-03-24 Tom HughesUpgrade one node to use a chef 12 client as a test
2015-03-02 Tom HughesMark eustace as a G6
2015-02-16 Tom HughesRemove hp-g6 role from eustace
2015-02-16 Tom HughesApply hp-g6 role to urmel and eustace
2014-07-05 Tom HughesUpdate IP addresses etc for move to Wolfson House
2014-06-23 Tom HughesRename the ucl-internal role to ucl-wates
2013-06-18 Tom HughesAdd roles from the private repository