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Correct konqi's IPv6 address
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2015-01-29 Tom HughesCorrect konqi's IPv6 address
2015-01-24 Tom HughesUpdate IPV6 address for konqi
2015-01-23 Tom HughesAdd konqi to German tile cache cluster
2015-01-21 Tom HughesUpdate falkenstein bandwidth limits to reflect reality
2015-01-21 Tom HughesRemove top level pingdom attribute for falkenstein
2015-01-21 Grant SlaterAdd katie as falkenstein tile cache member
2015-01-10 Tom HughesIncrease bandwidth for viserion and saphira
2014-12-18 Grant Slatertilecache: corvallis to 35Mb and prefer CA,US,MX
2014-12-17 Grant SlaterTilecache: Bump Corvallis traffic up from 10Mbit to...
2014-12-17 Tom HughesBump up traffic to saphira and viserion
2014-12-17 Tom HughesUpdate location for viserion
2014-12-17 Tom HughesRevert "Reduce bandwidth to viserion"
2014-12-16 Tom HughesReduce bandwidth to viserion
2014-12-16 Tom HughesIncrease bandwidth to London cache
2014-12-16 Grant Slatercorvallis tilecache: add pingdom + bandwidth
2014-12-16 Grant SlaterAdd Corvallis US stub
2014-12-16 Tom HughesPut some load on saphira and viserion
2014-12-16 Tom HughesAdd stub entry for London tile cache
2014-09-11 Tom HughesFix IPv6 address for viserion
2014-09-11 Tom HughesAdd stub entry for pula cache
2014-08-06 Tom HughesExclude AM from the AZ tile server
2014-07-16 Grant SlaterTile: Lower Amsterdam/Trogdor bandwidth allowance to...
2014-07-16 Grant SlaterTile: Unchain Oslo from only EU, Allow Lyon to serve FR
2014-06-23 Tom HughesDrop bunyip from DNS
2014-03-12 Grant Slatertile: increase longma traffic
2014-03-09 Grant Slatertile: reduce traffic to longma. Pingdom reporting high...
2014-03-05 Grant Slaterrender: yevaud down a bit
2014-02-24 Grant Slatertile: de-rank provo
2014-02-20 Grant Slatertilecache: longma restricted to Asia and fix preferred...
2014-02-20 Grant Slatertile: Increase traffic to longma
2014-02-19 Tom HughesFix typo
2014-02-19 Tom HughesUpdate location for longma
2014-02-19 Tom HughesAdd longma to tile DNS
2014-02-11 Grant SlaterLower traffic by 33% to provo/nadder caches
2014-01-06 Grant SlaterRevert "tile: increase provo bandwidth allowance and...
2014-01-05 Grant Slatertile: increase provo bandwidth allowance and prefer USA
2014-01-02 Grant SlaterTile: Set preferred caches for CN,JK,KR,VN,ZA
2014-01-02 Grant Slatertile: increase bandwidth to baku (again)
2013-12-26 Grant Slatertile: increase bandwidth to baku
2013-12-24 Grant Slatertile: drastically reduce baku bandwidth
2013-12-23 Tom HughesBlock FR from using the Lyon server
2013-12-19 Grant SlaterTile: increase baku bandwidth allowance and lock to...
2013-12-19 Grant SlaterSmall increase of tile traffic to Baku/Simurgh
2013-12-19 Tom HughesAdd simurgh to tile caches
2013-10-29 Grant SlaterUpdate nepomuk IPv6 address
2013-09-25 Tom HughesBump some tile cache bandwidth limits to reflect reality
2013-09-24 Tom HughesRemove the Canadian tile cache
2013-09-23 Grant SlaterAdd xx to few else fails when host down
2013-08-16 Grant SlaterTile: Reduce traffic to trogdor/amsterdam and move...
2013-08-12 Tom HughesPoint render.osm.org at whichever rendering servers...
2013-08-01 Grant SlaterTile: increase nadder-01/02 tp 30Mb/s
2013-08-01 Tom HughesGenerate A records for each cluster based on which...
2013-08-01 Tom HughesDrop provo-02 for now
2013-08-01 Tom HughesRemove details for old London tile cache
2013-08-01 Tom HughesAdd provo to tile caches
2013-07-22 Grant SlaterIncrease tabaluga limits after Hetzner limit increase
2013-05-11 Grant SlaterTile cache: Reduce falkenstein (tabaluga) to 43Mb ...
2013-05-01 Grant SlaterTile cache: Move default to Amsterdam, Falkenstein...
2013-05-01 Grant SlaterTile cache: Send 10Mb/s traffic to falkenstein (tabaluga)
2013-05-01 Tom HughesRename nuremberg to falkenstein
2013-05-01 Tom HughesAdd stub entry for Nuremberg tile server
2013-04-25 Grant SlaterTile cache: Restrict Moscow (gorynych) to EU and neighb...
2013-04-20 Grant SlaterTile cache: Bump Beauharnois (grisu) to 50Mb/s
2013-04-20 Grant SlaterFix beauharnois colo(u)r typo
2013-04-20 Grant SlaterTile cache: Push a little traffic to beauharnois (grisu)
2013-04-20 Grant SlaterTile cache: enable beauharnois (grisu) - testing traffi...
2013-04-20 Grant SlaterAdd grisu
2013-04-12 Grant SlaterTile cache: Allow 50Mb/s traffic to gorynych (moscow)
2013-04-12 Grant SlaterTile cache: Allow 40Mb/s traffic to gorynych (moscow)
2013-04-11 Grant SlaterTile cache: Set moscow (gorynych) server bandwidth...
2013-04-02 Grant SlaterTile cache: Decrease San Francisco (jakelong) to just...
2013-04-02 Grant SlaterTile cache: Increase San Francisco (jakelong) to lowest...
2013-04-02 Grant SlaterTile cache: Increase fume bandwidth allowance (RAID...
2013-04-02 Grant SlaterTile cache: Increase fume bandwidth allowance due to...
2013-04-02 Grant SlaterRevert "Tile cache: reduce trogdor bandwidth to hardwar...
2013-04-02 Grant SlaterTile cache: reduce trogdor bandwidth to hardware limit
2013-04-02 Grant SlaterTile cache: reduce traffic to sjobo (fume) while RAID...
2013-03-28 Grant SlaterAllow 30Mb/s traffic to Lyon cache (nepomuk)
2013-03-19 Grant SlaterIncrease bandwidth allowance for Pau. Add ISP bandwidth...
2013-03-18 Grant SlaterRestore orm normal tile state
2013-03-17 Tom HughesDocument spare colours
2013-03-16 Tom HughesAdd colours to the tile servers and export them in...
2013-03-16 Grant SlaterTile: move default to Sjobo from London, reduce London...
2013-03-16 Grant SlaterReduce orm tile traffic further
2013-03-16 Grant SlaterTile Caches: Decrease traffic on Orm, increase Sjobo...
2013-03-15 Grant SlaterAdd lyon to tile cache pool
2013-03-14 Grant SlaterBump jakelong cache to estimated 5MB/s
2013-03-14 Grant SlaterPush tiny *alpha* San Francisco tile cache live
2013-03-13 Tom HughesIncrease target bandwidth for Amsterdam cache to 60Mb/s
2013-02-22 Tom HughesRework mkgeo to use bandwidth constraints
2013-02-22 Tom HughesAdd bandwidth information to servers
2013-02-22 Grant SlaterMove NO tile traffic to new Oslo tile cache
2013-02-22 Tom HughesAdd pingdom ID and DNS record for Oslo cache
2013-02-22 Tom HughesAdd stub entry for Oslo tile cache
2013-02-20 Grant SlaterMove EE, LV, LT & CZ tile traffic to Amsterdam cache...
2013-02-19 Grant SlaterMove LU tile traffic to Amasterdam cache
2013-02-19 Grant SlaterMove BE tile traffic to Amasterdam cache
2013-02-19 Grant SlaterDirect NL Tile traffic to new Amsterdam cache
2013-02-19 Tom HughesAdd stub entry for Amsterdam tile proxy
2013-02-15 Grant SlaterRevert "Temporarily remove orm from tile pool"