Pan/zoom controls that look like the OL ones
[rails.git] / app / assets / openlayers / theme /
2012-11-09 John FirebaughPan/zoom controls that look like the OL ones
2012-11-09 John FirebaughPort to Leaflet
2012-10-29 Tom HughesMove OL control styling to OL theme
2012-09-21 Tom HughesUpdate logo on missing tile image
2012-08-08 Tom HughesEnable transition support for Firefox and Opera
2012-08-08 Tom MacWrightReplace standard PanZoomBar control with new SimplePanZ...
2012-08-02 Tom HughesUse a custom OpenLayers theme
2012-08-02 Tom HughesStyle the CSS zoom control to match the layer switcher
2012-06-28 Tom HughesUpdate OpenLayers to 2.12
2012-03-28 Tom HughesRearrange layer switcher assets
2011-11-25 Tom HughesForce all OpenLayers resources to load through the...