Create a custom build of OpenLayers to allow us to pull in extra
[rails.git] / config / locales / sl.yml
2009-06-03 Tom HughesUse "confirm_email" instead "confirm email" in resource...
2009-06-02 Ævar Arnfjörð Bjar... Fixed a YAML syntax error, please run something like...
2009-06-02 Štefan Baeblermore translations
2009-06-02 Štefan Baeblersynced with english, some more translations
2009-06-02 Tom HughesFix up translation issues in diary comment notifier.
2009-06-02 Tom HughesMake a few more strings translatable in the diary entry...
2009-06-02 Štefan Baeblertypo
2009-06-02 Štefan Baeblersome more phrases, synced with english
2009-06-01 Štefan Baeblertypo
2009-06-01 Štefan Baeblersome more translations
2009-06-01 Štefan Baeblersyncing with latest english additions
2009-06-01 Štefan Baeblermoar translations
2009-06-01 Štefan BaeblerInitial, partial translation into Slovenian