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Update to chef server 12
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2015-05-03 Tom HughesUpdate to chef server 12
2015-04-08 Tom HughesAdd log rotation for chef server nginx logs
2015-03-25 Tom HughesOnly load pony when we need it
2015-03-24 Tom HughesRescue LoadError explicitly as it doesn't inherit from...
2015-03-24 Tom HughesCope with gems needed for chef reporting not being...
2015-02-11 Tom HughesConvert ohai_plugin to an LWRP
2015-01-21 Tom HughesExplicitly trust old Verisign 1024 bit root
2014-10-26 Tom HughesRemove site specific SSL config
2014-10-26 Tom HughesSwitch chef back to using https for the internal forward
2014-10-26 Tom HughesProxy chef to http for now
2014-07-11 Tom HughesSet erchef['base_resource_url'] in chef service configu...
2014-04-13 Tom HughesEnable SSL certification verification in chef
2013-07-12 Tom HughesAdd chef server backup scripts
2013-07-11 Tom HughesFix chef bookshelf url
2013-05-30 Tom HughesAdd a bunch more cookbooks