Attempt to override the FQDN on fume
[chef.git] / cookbooks / chef / templates / default / client.rb.erb
2019-05-20 Tom HughesAttempt to override the FQDN on fume
2018-08-02 Tom HughesDelete any existing report handler before installing...
2018-07-31 Tom HughesEnable chef exception handler
2018-07-25 Tom HughesEnable chef report handler
2017-12-05 Tom HughesDisable chef exception handler
2017-12-03 Tom HughesDisable chef report handler
2016-05-09 Tom HughesUse new syntax to configure ohai plugin path
2015-05-26 Tom HughesSend chef errors to Grant
2015-05-03 Tom HughesAdd organisation name to chef URLs
2015-03-25 Tom HughesOnly load pony when we need it
2015-03-24 Tom HughesRescue LoadError explicitly as it doesn't inherit from...
2015-03-24 Tom HughesCope with gems needed for chef reporting not being...
2015-02-11 Tom HughesConvert ohai_plugin to an LWRP
2014-04-13 Tom HughesEnable SSL certification verification in chef
2013-05-30 Tom HughesAdd a bunch more cookbooks