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Wiki require validated email to edit
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2015-12-24 Grant SlaterWiki require validated email to edit
2015-08-09 Grant SlaterAdd mp3 support to Foundation wiki site
2015-03-29 Tom HughesFix a couple of wiki settings issues
2015-03-29 Tom HughesConvert mediawiki_site to an LWRP
2014-12-22 Tom HughesMerge branch 'planetdump-ng'
2014-12-20 Grant SlaterLimiting account creation on osmf wiki
2014-12-14 Tom HughesAdd support for private mediawiki sites
2014-12-13 Tom HughesUse single quotes in case the key contains a $ sign
2014-10-11 Grant SlaterMove mediawiki + wiki cookbook to public repo