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2019-03-11 Tom HughesAdd ssh key for Stereo
2019-01-04 Tom HughesRemove redundant ssh key
2018-12-14 Tom HughesAdd ssh key for daveh
2018-07-28 Tom HughesAdd remote hands account to tetaneutral machines
2018-07-26 Tom HughesMerge commit '77e9695dace417d550bdcce75fe2a0dd860c239b'
2018-07-26 Jon Burgessupdate jburgess ssh key
2018-06-25 Tom HughesMerge remote-tracking branch 'github/pull/165'
2018-06-23 Tom HughesAdd -R to less flags
2017-10-09 Tom HughesRemove translatewiki access to
2017-10-02 Niklas LaxströmUpdate authorized_keys for translatewiki
2017-05-27 Tom HughesAdd grnet ssh keys
2016-11-15 Tom HughesUpdate zsh configuration
2016-05-31 Tom HughesDrop lyonix admin account
2016-01-30 Tom HughesAdd ssh key for Niklas Laxström to translatewiki account
2016-01-29 Tom HughesUpdate Jochen's ssh key
2016-01-28 Tom HughesUpdate Siebrand's SSH key
2016-01-01 Grant SlaterAdd missing htonl ssh auth key + add chef managed comments
2016-01-01 Grant SlaterManage user htonl ssh authorized_keys
2015-07-08 Tom HughesAdd screenrc for tomh
2015-04-04 Grant SlaterAdd grant work ssh key
2014-11-24 Tom HughesAdd SSH key for Jochen
2014-07-31 Grant SlaterUpdate my public key
2014-07-10 Tom HughesAdd public key for translatewiki account
2014-05-19 Tom HughesUpdate ssh keys for tomh
2013-10-06 Tom HughesAdd ssh keys for Eric Fischer
2013-09-09 Grant SlaterAdd my additional ssh public key
2013-07-14 Tom HughesAdd ssh keys for bretth
2013-06-18 Tom HughesAdd accounts cookbook